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A place for migraineurs to discuss anything and everything related to migraines. Topic suggestions: Think of this as a support group for migraineurs. Reach out to group members when ever you need support. Give your support to fellow migraineurs. You, as a migraineur yourself, probably have a wealth of knowledge to share with others. The knowledge that you have could vastly improve the quality of life for another group member. Share share share! Discuss your current acute and preventative treatment plans. Ask others about their current acute and preventative treatment plans. Discuss past acute and preventative treatment plans as well... we can always learn something from what didn't work! Discuss your own personal tips and tricks for lessening the severity of acute migraine attacks. Post about your upcoming GP or Neurologist appointments. Ask other group members questions about what to expect and suggestions on how to prepare. Update fellow group members on your progress... both on set backs (so that we can provide support, suggestions and hope!) and on successes (so that we can congratulate you and so that you can provide other group members with hope!).

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hi, i have tested my blood and found really LOW DHEA 430 ng/ml ( normal value 1300-4300 ng/ml)... the other hormones where ok.. but near of the limit values... i have made some research and found low DHEA causes deficiency of Serotonin..sooo i was wondering if this could be causing my migraines....

has anybody tested DHEA??

thanks!! S.
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Here is a little information I found, which you may already know....
This test is used to evaluate the function of the adrenal glands. DHEA-sulfate is a weak male hormone (androgen) produced by the adrenal gland in both men and women. The adrenal gland is one of the major sources of androgens in women (the other being the ovaries, which produce testosterone).  Typical normal ranges for females are:

Age 18-19: 145-395 ug/dL
Age 20-29: 65-380 ug/dL
Age 30-39: 45-270 ug/dL
Age 40-49: 32-240 ug/dL
Age 50-59: 26-200 ug/dL
Age 60-69: 13-130 ug/dL
Age 69 and older: 17-90 ug/dL
This is on Medline Plus, website......also on http://www.relieve-migraine-headache.com/serotonin.html--it does mention too much or  too little serotonin  can be linked to migraines.

It might be wise to find out if you have any other underlying cause for this test to be low?  DHEA can be low in auto immune diseases........
Hope this helps.........keep us posted.
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