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I think i have Multiple Sclerosis
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I think i have Multiple Sclerosis

I'm worried because i passed the whole 2012 going to doctors and doing blood tests but my blood is completely ok.
So i've been searching around myself since no one could give give me a reason for feeling sick. Since, just this last month, my left eye lid has been shaking every now and then, i started looking for neurological diseases so I ended up reading about Multiple Sclerosis.

I'm 22 years old, actually i'll be 22 in a few days. I'm a computer programmer/ software engineer and stuff.

Anyway, i read that MS targeted young adults so could be. Except for the twitching/shaking of my eye lid (other small parts of my body too) which can't even be noticed, only I can feel that, there are some other discomforts i'm having which match the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis given on Wikipedia. I have some kind of dysphagia (really little difficulty in swallowing, but i'm not sure), some vision problems meaning that my eyes kinda lose focus sometimes, i hope i'm wrong but it seems i've been experiencing hypoesthesia when i'm laying down so asleep, i don't recall any "pins and needles" feeling. In addition there is some pain all over my body that i've been feeling like in my armpits or groin or... everywhere really, not severe though, very mild. Then there are some bladder and bowel difficulties like a burning sensation when urination that at times comes at other times goes, so to say for the bowel movements where at times i even see blood on the toilet paper.

There are a lot of symptoms I've described above, some of which might even not be related to Multiple Sclerosis but I don't know. I'm scared and I shared everything I'm feeling. I don't know if I'm too young for this disease. I've had mostly a healthy life. Sometimes though a little stressful. I've "monitored" my blood from November last year to July this year more or less and it's always been totally OK.

What is a solution to MS and how does one live with it ?
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There is no "solution" to MS, but many of us can live well, and it is far from a death sentence. Each week I use an injectable medication, one of a half-dozen disease-modifying drugs designed to minimize the frequency and magnitude of relapses. Diet and exercise also help. More than eight years after diagnosis, my MS is still not "visible" and still not requiring one of the many drugs available to alleviate certain symptoms such as those you have. My first symptoms actually were closer to 18 years ago, so you're not too young for it, but my symptoms at the time were written off as something else.

All that said, I'm not convinced MS is what ails you. The bladder problems of MS are more about control, not urinary pain. Constipation can be an MS issue, but is that the source of the blood? The sensory symptoms of MS usually are just on one side of the body, not all over, and I've never seen anyone single out the groin and armpits like you did.

I don't know enough about other conditions to know where to steer you, but just try to not diagnose yourself with MS yet, and ask more questions here and in other forums anytime.
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To disagree only slightly with TLC, respectfully, even children have come down with MS, according to my neuro, who's specialty is Pediatric MS,
however I don't really see any glaring signs of MS in your post.

If you spent 2012 going to doctors and no one wanted to do an MRI to look for lesions, chances are that they did not feel it was worth looking into based on your complaints.

You have to remember, too, that Dr. Google will always give you MS as a possible for more than 90% of symptoms you input.  He's a dangerous doctor to deal with!  Also is self-diagnosis!

Have you been to a urologist for your bladder problems?
Have you considered hemroids for the blood in your stool?

No disrespect meant, but I think you are trying to make MS fit your symptoms!  

Those of us with MS have often spent years and years and many tests and more than several doctors trying to get a diagnosis.  For you to have it at your age, a more glaring MS symptom would have to be present, not the rather vague ones you have mentioned.

Keep trying, there has to be a doctor out there who will help you work thru them one by one.  Put them in a list, high priority to the ones you feel most important and work on them one at a time!

Good luck!
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My apologies to you, I read your post too fast and see your comment about age more clearly.

Again, apologies, sorry about that
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To add to what was mentioned above, I wonder if your eye twitching and lack of focus could be caused by eye strain since you work as a computer programmer.

Otherwise, I agree with the other comments.

Good luck,

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Thank you very much to all of you. Actually it wasn't google who told me about MS. It was me trying to give a reason to my discomforts and stuff.
I'm not trying to make MS fit my symptoms but it's been a long time since a felt good and healthy that I'm searching a lot around to see what it could be.

Anyway there is this last doctor I went to a few weeks ago who suggested me to do a CT on my head later on.

For my bladder problems i've had my urine controlled but not like a complete urine culture. Which i'm going to have done soon.
And, even though i'm not sure, i think it might be hemoroids back there. I'm not sure though.

Thanks SarahL2491 for your suggestion! I appreciate it very much and I'll go check my problems one by one. :)

Thanks TLC_31 for your full comments and most importantly that MS is not a death sentence and stuff, it's very relieving.

Thanks Maracamama it might be my work and the light of the monitor that makes my eye shake or i don't know, I'll check it out.
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