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Pain in the arm
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Pain in the arm

Hi need a little help again. I am going to the pain clinic tomorrow but I am reluctant to pose anymore problems to them, because I feel like I am looking rediculas with all of these SX's.

3 weeks ago I had a steroid block and Radiofrequency lesioning done on the right side of my neck and shoulder for the pain there , under my shoulderblade and down my my arm. It felt a little better for a few days after the soreness wore off. But just before doing this procedure I started having a problem with my rt side that I will try to explain.

I used to think I had restless leg REALLY BAD kept me up for days.My poor hubby was beside himself . Nothing helped I tried all the meds. Last year they started me on Neurontin and between that and pain meds I finally found a balance that stoped it no problems until about 4 weeks ago when I tried to nap during the day ( very tired) as doon as I got I guess to rem sleep I would be awakened with a feeling kind of like RLS but all the way down my rt side, a twitching , pinching, sharp pain that was unbearable . But now it seems it stays longer in my upper arm , shoulder and under my shoulder blade. I have tried ASA, Ibuprofen, ice and heat. Heat works best.

Anyway needless to say I am afraid to go to sleep . I have made sure my neck is supported ( I can only sleep on my rt side anymore) my back is straight and I put a pillow under my arm and hand to keep it straight too. I do not know what else to do.

Any suggestions would be welcomed

Hugs and Blessings
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I had all your symptoms.  There are two drugs that help me:

Mirapex works for all the twitching and some of the arm pain.

Gabbapentin relieves most of the pain symptoms.

Some folks have trouble with Gabbapentin.  It is worth a try.

These two drugs have made a huge difference in my life.  I would hate to be without them again.
Hey Sis,

Don't be afraid to tell the Doc.  I wish the heck someone was investigation the "cause" of this though.  You found the perfect mix, and now it's not working.  If you can, try to pull some of these things out before you go to that appointment maybe something like this:


-    RLS (were you dx'd w/this?) Not relieved by medication (list meds and dosing)
-    2007 Neurontin (add dosage) for (add what the Neurotin was prescribed for)
-    You say you took this w/pain meds (list the meds and dosing)

-     4 weeks ago (change this to the date) list symptoms (like RLS you can take out unless you were dx'd) down my rt (add where this happened, i.e., was this in your arm or leg?) side, twitching, pinching, sharp pain

-    3 weeks ago (replace w/a date):  steroid block and Radiofrequency lesioning right side of neck and shoulder (under shoulderblad), and arm.  Provided short time relief for 3 days

-    Currently (what symptoms? The same ones as above?) upper arm, shoulder and under my shoulder blade

-    At home treatment: ASA, Ibuprofen, ice and heat. Found heat works best

I think if you continue to pull it out similiar to this, this will be helpful for yourself to keep everything documented and for the docs, so they can narrow in on what is going on, and if there is any possibility of this being med induced, etc. . .

Hang in there, best you can, let me know if this helps,
Hi SL , I saw the PA at the pain clinic. He listens to me and called "The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas " . They are supposed to have a very good MS Clinic and MS Neuro's too. I think he believes me but , I also think his boss reprimanded him for not discouraging me about the MS thing.His boss got mad at a nurse who was telling him that I was asking questions about MS vs Me . He sort of rudely told her that I was just going to have to give up on that idea and except the fact that I most likely will never know what is wrong with me.He was unaware I could over hear him.

SL, I had a sleep study test and they told me I probably had RLS.  He sent me to the first neuro who gave me Mirapex . It helped a little so they kept increasing it. Another Dr took me off because of side effects, then did requip . Very little help. Back to Mirapex. Problem is that if I waited to long to take it and fell asleep, then nothing would stop it . It became a monster of it's own. My DH thought I was going to die before I got some rest. It would go on for 72 hr with out stopping and no one else knew what to do. If I took it early enough it worked fairly well, but with narcolepsy who knew when I would drop off. This went on for two years. Then the last Neuro said it was spasms or spasticity . As I was unable to sit or stand still the  two hours in his waiting room. So he put me on Neurontin  2,400 a day. It helped a lot, did not have any more problems during the day. Just at night. With the Mirapex it was better but never stopped.

When I asked my PCP for help, he said I had plenty of meds . Just play around until I found what worked for me . So after a few days I came up with a cocktail of 800 mg Neurontin , 2 Norco and 1 mg of Tizanidine. Slept all night with out a problem. If I changed 1 thing it was back to square one.

MCBCON have you been DX yet? I am so glad you found a good mix for you. It feels great to have something go right . Blessings and Hug's to you !!

sllowe have you been DX yet ? Thank you for your advise. I have also started a diary of my SX . I am not DX yet so I do not know what to call this " Monster" . I refer to what MS' ers call Flares as " incidents" . LOL
When I had this last one it was by far the worse. I was left with a few SX that refuse to go away  then a new one pops up out of the blue to join the group.( I must be to nice)

Now when I get out and get to hot ,not even sweating , Rt foot again (ugg) my great toe pulls up to touch my knee cap , while trying to rip the bones out of my lower leg and at the same time my other toe try to greet my heel. OMG it is so painful ! I literally expect to see the bones in my calf to just snap right out of the skin.
I stand on something round in the arch of my foot and DH tries to rub it. After a while it calms down but still hurts. SL Many Blessings and Hug's

Quixotic thank you for helping me to get started here.. Many Blessings and Hug's



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