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Hypnic Jerks
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Hypnic Jerks

Has there been any new information for hypnic jerks?

I have had this condition for 4 years & have posted here a few times over the last few years.  After researching hypnic jerks & reading your forums in May of this year I started being treated by the Cleveland Clinic.

I have been told I am a textbook case for severe hypnic jerks &  unfortunately not much is written about treatment.  I am currently on 800 mg of Neurontin & 1 mg of Estazolam which does help, but certainly there are nights which are not so good, which makes the days not so good.   I have tried 1 mg of Clonazepam a few years ago & it didn't help.  Also, recently, the dr. tried adding 0.125 of Mirapex to see if that helped, but I woke & dreamt more frequently so we discontinued it.

I have come to accept this condition will probably never go away. I know everyone has these to a certain degree but mine are severe.  My questions are as follows:

1.  Do you know how/why a person gets these so severely?

2.  What is the difference in nocturnal myoclonus & hypnic jerks?

3.  Do you hear of patients with this condtion as a chief

3.  Do you know of any others medication/s that would be

Any information you could add would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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1.Severe or intense hypnic jerks have been seen in neurologically impaired children with seizures.  But other than that, I haven;t seen anything in the medical literature that looked specifically at risk factors or other associations with sleep starts/hypnic jerks.
2.Hypnic jerks occur at the onset of sleep while nocturnal myoclonus consists of periodic limb movements that occur while you're actually asleep during stage I and II sleep.
3.Not a common chief complaint. They are normal phenomena and usually not bothersome.
4.Unfortunately I haven't seen anything specifically for the hypnic jerks. Still have some room to go on the klonopin, could be pushed up to 2mg or try valium. But as you're experiencing some improvement with estazolam, it's ok to just stick with that for now. They're all in the same family of meds and it's better to just be on one or the other.  There are meds similar to mirapex that we use for restless legs syndrome and other parasomnias such as requip that could possibly be tried. Finally, other meds we try for parasomnias in general include imipramine and prozac. Talk to your sleep specialist about your concerns and try to practice good sleep hygiene.  Fatigue, stress and sleep deprivation can all make your symptoms worse. Good luck.
Today is 12/19 and my first posting of 12/15 was never answered.
Could you pls. reply.

Thank you.
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