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chronic pain(like blur) on right side of the head
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chronic pain(like blur) on right side of the head

I cannot find  the right topic  because the pain i have got  for more than  ten years  is somethign  very strange to me.
I  could not   sleep on the right side too long , no good to have pressure on the right side,  it will be  blur  and have feeling like  depression whenit  go worse., thsi  symthom  develope  slowly  then  stay steady and it worse only  if   it got  some  pressure on the right side .sleep on that side or  drinking any drink with  cafein.
My  english   is not perfect to  describe this symthom  but  this is  the only  thing  make me  suffer  for  many years, the  x-ray wasn't help  ,I went to   see few doctor  they  said something  about the  nearve  btu not to   critical.

Not sure if it because of   my mental  because  logn time ago ,too much  stress  and  fainthing  which I  rememeber that my uper back head  hit  the floor  badly  but I had no  pain  at  that  time.

Life   wasn't  treat me  well   at my  early years till 40 .Could be   my sensitive mind got hurt  too much, to me it sounds like mental problem , if I'm happy   the pain not bad  if i get  stress  or get hurt  then it comes.

Hope someone can help me find out

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Avatar m tn
Hello Dear,
The cause of your constant headache could be psychological as it may be related to stress and usually people with stress suffer from migraine headaches.You should try not to take any stress and should try to relax your mind.You can try meditation,which might help you to concentrate and will increase your selfconfidence.

Avatar dr m tn
Hi Dear,
Your symtoms (symptoms) are not related to the trauma occured long ago to your head.Its stess induced headache associated with anxiety.Its highly valuable if you can let me know about your sleep duration and pattern,also its not clear what happens with coffee drinks?Meditation and relaxation techniques shall improve your symptoms.You can use antianxiety medications for a short period.
hope this may help you,plz keep updating.
Avatar f tn
I'm  very  appreciated  your    comments , I  did  try  to have yoga  class  twice  a week .
Iit is psychological problem   why  the pain is  just  right there  on my  right temper   if  I  make  two  line  crossing  straight   uper  from my  right ear to  meet the lien from  my  riiiight   where it meets  there is where  my pain occure, today it  stay there allday long  and the pain   is nto liek headach or migrain..i feel like  it had got veyr bad pressure on it  and the pain still there.
sometiem  the  pain gettign worse if i get hurt   by love or anger.

My  sleepign  was fine ,i never had problem about sleeping , normally I sleep around  11  till  6.30, wake up  10-2 time  durign the night  to bathroom, then  back to sleep real  good  and I'm not  a nervous  sleepper,  i  take  less than a half  of my bed  for sleeping.
I'm  48 now  I  work as  a caregiver takingcare of  diabetic  lady,she is  85 year old  who has   Chun ..or chant in her  brain( from operation to   decrease the fluid in her  brain)not sure if I spell correctly), sometime  she is so mean  sometime  put me in  very bad situation amoung  many people..but i just  care for her  could not leave her.

IF I  need to see doctor   what doctor I should go to  for  prescribtion because  right now  meditation won't help me  at all.

Thank you so much for your    regards  to my    message  here.

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