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death from basilar migraine
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death from basilar migraine

My fiance who was a Physician and trained and worked at the Cleveland Clinic received a diagnosis of basilar migraine.  He had aura's quite often that consistented of: unstead gait to unable to walk, unable to use fine motor skills, slurred speach to unable to speak more than one word at a time or unable to speak, couldnt swallow well, unable to process thoughts.  This would last 20min to over a hour.  He would then sleep for a hour to several hours.  He often woke up feeling ok except for a headache other times the aura would linger or start again. He had MRIs and EEG which were normal.  Wine, the smell of food or eating would bring them on.  He often did not eat all day so he could see patients an then eat late at night so if he had an aura he could sleep and be ok in the morning.  He complained of changes in his vision on certain days that seemed to be getting worse and at times even when not having an aura he had difficulty with his speech.  On Oct 7, 2006 he had eaten a snack and began having the aura symtoms (symptoms) and fell asleep while sitting next to me which was not unusual.  The next thing I know I am doing CPR he made not noise or movement as if something was going on or he was in pain.  He passed away.  Have you had or heard of any instances like this.  He was taking Asa, soma, Lyrica, and neurontin.  I am driving myself crazy wondering what happened he had no other health problems and it was sudden and quick.  Nobody seems to know much about these headaches.  He was a great Physician was 45 y.o. an wrote an article on migraines along with Dr. Solomon.  thank-you
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My sincere condolences on your loss. I can tell that you really feel you can't move forward w/o answers. I've experienced a loss
yrs ago that took me down that 'why' path. Your memories will
remain & it has been such a short time. I hope you'll allow
yourself a chance to grieve. I can offer some suggestions that
may help you. Were you close enough to someone in his family to
access his past/present medical files? If you could, they may give you some insight of other conditions perhaps he did not share to not complicate things. I would contact Dr. Solomon to
help you review files & understand. They wrote together so why
wouldn't he assist you. If an autopsy was done, those files
would be difficult now, but later may have the answers when you
are able to take it on. The laws state parent/family access &
sadly you had not shared vows yet. Perhaps you were written a
power-of-attorney at some point? Perhaps a nurse at clinic will
share info? Things you described could be a basilar-migraine w/
complications of other things. Motor weakness/speech/sleep may
have been just part. If he was prone to seizures younger, it
could affect migraines of different types. Basilar type can
cause severe vaso-constriction. It has been known to cause SAH.
'Saccural Aneurysm Hemorrhage'. He may have had bleeding from
an aneurysm that perhaps caused a painless-peaceful attack.
Someone can have an aneurysm & just feel nausea w/ dull aches.
His tolerance was higher than many of us w/ what he had been
dealing with. Maybe death certificate gives a clue. SAH is rare
& I'm justing mentioning it as a possible. If there was a
brainstem compression over long period of time, I would think
this would be noted in his files. Maybe a few of my suggestions
like contacts of family/files/Dr. Solomon, will help when you
are able to process things. He was a wonderful person to share
himself w/ his knowledge while dealing w/ his pain. I bet you
helped him live each day full. It's very soon to go through
papers & questions. Get someone to help you as I'm sure he'd
want that. I hope you have a Dr. that can listen & maybe guide
you. You need alot of quiet & rest. You were both forunate to
have the time you shared. I'm sure many that read your msg will
be touched & wish you love & healing. It just takes time & the
heart never forgets. I wish you well.

It sounds like you shared similar work interests. You did say
good-bye as he did to you. He was right next to you when it
happened & I'm sure you know that's what made him the happiest.
A day won't go by that you don't have a memory. He was with you
when it was time. It was good that you were together. Your last
touch were your words. Grief is very painful & we handle it in
different ways. Just be good to yourself. In time, you'll be
able to smile & talk about special moments. I had to leave to
think, so I planted myself on a cabin-porch over-looking a lake
for 2 weeks alone. The quiet was what I needed. You'll make it.
Maybe his work can be donated to keep his memory alive. Do what
feels right to you to mourn. I wish you well.
demiquiae:  Thank you for you kind words.  I am grateful for the time we had and it was quality time.  I went with him to doctors and I have reviewed medical information since this is so hard to except.  He had no other medical problems documented of his family does not no of any others.  He was very open with me as I was with him and I took care of him when he would have an episode which could get quite sever.  He had had diarrhea all week he said from the high dose of asa that he took for the migraines.  He did not feel good the day before but Saturday morning he woke up feeling great and had a very good day.  It was after he ate and started having an aura that he passed away.  Nothing about it seemed different from all the others but something had to be.  I am not sure that I can get thru the grief.  It has been soo painful and everything does remind me of him and he was so young.  I did not get to say bye and I do not know what he would want me to do.  We lived, worked, did everything together and now I am alone.  I talked to him about everything and we were never apart except for a hour or so at a time for as long as we were together.  I  know that I can not go back and change anything but it would be nice to know what happened and if I could have done anything different.  I know he would want Physicians to learn more about the basilar migraine to help others.  He keep up to date on everything and read all the time.  He was a great Physician and that makes it even a greater loss.
Hi I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My dad died suddenly of an aortic aneurysm, 7 years ago. he wasn't ayoung man,..but healthy as all  and lived a complaint free life. He was the dearest man i have ever met..and i compared him to many men i went w most of which were not even worth comparing. It s so hard to deal w that. Pleas know that my thoughts are w you. I don't know alot about migranes (migraines) having never had them ..but i feel for you and all your questions concerning.. Keep looking for answers  ..Peace  Kit
I am sorry to hear of your loss.   I have just been diagnosed with basilar migraines, and I am quite worried about this.  I also have an aura, my aura causes double vision, confusion, inability to walk safely, dizziness, severe ringing in ears, slurred speech and an eye that droops (i also have Horners syndrome).  After it is finished, 5 min to 1 hour i am then tired and my neck is quite sore, minor headache if any.  My doctor put me on a calcium channel blocker and told me to never use a migraine medication (triptans or ergatamines) these could cause unfavorable results.  i was only diagnosed 2 weeks ago, and so far the medication has helped slightly, i am still having them- about 6-7 times a week and there is no pattern i have them whenever.   while driving, sleeping, exercising whenever.   but the medication has made them not as severe.   My Neurologist says this is quite rare.
Now that is scary considering that I have recently discovered I have been having persistant migraine auras for ever.

I can't see any connection to sudden death other than co-incidence though, if something occurs often enough in our life time, then surely the incidence of dying at the same time as experiencing that common occurence is increased without any actual connection, merely a statistical artefact.
My sympathies nonetheless, (I forgot to include that in my post)

My grandmother died suddenly from an aneurism (aneurysm), in the middle of a conversation with a friend. I don't know whether she had migraines, but my mother did, who knows? who ever knows?
Hello, I am new to this, but I am researching information concerning my daughter who just turned 18 years old.  She started experiencing terrible headaches on the left side of her face that went to the back of her head.  She never had severe headaches before.  The next week she would just be walking and started falling.  I then took her to the dr. and he scheduled an MRI. Before she was able to have that test she fell out unconscious at school.  We took her to the emergency room.  They gave her a CT, Chest x-ray, Ekg. She passed out 5 more times within that week.  All of the test were normal.  She had the MRI and also went to see a cardiologist and had a  stress test and check the heart. We went to see a neurologist and after examining her he felt that she could be suffering from what is called basilar migranes (migraines).  It does not resemble all of the symptons that I have been reading about. Does this sound familiar to anyone.  He has scheduled an MRA and from that finding if not anything, he would like to start her on a drug called neurontin.  I would like someone else to give me their opinion.
I've seen a Nurologist today and even though he hasn't diagnosed me as having Basilar Migraine he says it probably is. I have all the symptoms ie dizzyness, nausea, unable to Speak leaving me not being able to get out of bed for 2/3 weeks. He's prescribed me Amitriptyline 10mg daily upping the dosage to 50mg in ten days time. My concern is these tablets are anti-depresents which is medication I don't want to be on. Has anybody been on this medication for Basilar and has it worked or were there any bad side effects!!!!
Has anyone tried Topamax and had side affects of being severely depressed and suicidal?
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