herniated disk in neck
by cndyygr, Nov 06, 2005
is there any treatment besides surgery for herniated disk in neck my mri report reads non contrast-cervical spine demonstrates reversal of the normal curvature of the cervical spine with degenerative disk signal at c4-5,c5-6,and c6-7 and central and left paramedian disk herniation at c4-5. this is a fairly broad-based area of herniation that is about 1 cm in width and about 4mm in maximum ap diameter. this does compress the thecal sac. at c5-6, there is also disk herniation that is central and bilateral paramedian. this also compresses the thecal sac significantly. c6-7 demonstrates disk bulge/protrusion that is central and left paramedian and a little to the right paramedian but primarily to the left. this is not quite as prominent as the other 2 levels but is still abnormal. there is no frank chiari malformation, but the tonsils are borderline low but are felt to be within the realm of normal limits.
my symptoms i have are pain in my neck, shoulders, upper back, hands get real cold,numb,tingle,also have pain in lower back,at times it feels like restless leg syndrom,also jerk and wake myself up as i'm going to sleep,and it feels like i need neck support my head feels heavy to me.
by CCF-Neuro-M.D.-PW, Nov 12, 2005
the indications for herniated disc surgery in the neck are usually progressive neurological disability such as weakness or spasticity or urination problems, or intractable pain unresposive to other treatments or in certain rarer situations such as broken off disc fragments etc. In most other cases treatment is conservative ie non-surgical, in many instances after a period of rest, physical therapy, steroids etc symptoms settle down. You have to be sure that your symptoms are also attributable to the disc as opposed to something else, otherwise surgery on the disc will be ineffective. Surgery on the disc can prevent future neurological disability if bad enough, but may not deal with musckuloskeletal pain and can destabilise the spine resulting in problems at other levels.
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by myjas2001, Nov 06, 2005
There will be a series of conservative methods you will possibly have to go through unless you have bowel or bladder incontinence, which requires immediate attention. At first they will try different meds for inflamation and possibly epidural steroid injections. then physical therapy. If none of that works then they might recommend surgery. I have herniations at c5-6 and c6-7. I have gone through all the steps and am now going to have ACDF w/plating on Thursday. I am only having C6-7 done since C5-6 is getting better. It could possibly be a long and rocky road but hang in there. I've been suffering with the same symptoms as you since mid June. Last Oct. is when I had minor symptoms start and work just thought it was carpal tunnel. One morning I woke up and couldn't hardly move for the pain I had in my shoulder and down my arm. Approx. a monthe later my index finger was completly numb. I could go on but I think you probably get the picture. Hope it goes well for you and surgery is not required.
by denise dp, Nov 08, 2005
Hi, My 22yo daughter fell when she was 6mo pregnant and ruptured a disc at L4-L5 and after she had the baby they did those injections in her back about 4mo ago and she is doing great. So if there is no malformation of any kind I would try that first if it was me. Hope this helps. God bless.
by cndyygr, Nov 09, 2005
thanks for your comments, i also wanted to know i've got other things going on if that sounds normal for my mri findings, i've been dropping so many things seem to have gotten real clumsy,i don't have the grip in my hands that i use to have i can't open jars and bottles like i could.
i'm a certified nurses aide,i have been off from work since september, i don't think i will ever be able to do that job again, i had taken about a year off from cna and that helped some of my problems, i went back to being a cna in may and everything started coming back to me as to why i took the time off.
i fell off monkey bar when i was 7 years old i am 38 now but my parents didn't take me to a medical doctor they took me to chiorpractor who did x-rays and said i had cracked a vertabrae i don't know which one it was.
so i have had problems with my neck for along time but they have really started affecting my life now
i'm more moody and get real short with my boyfriend now. i've even thought about that i think i need help with depression.
by myjas2001, Nov 09, 2005
If you are having problems with clumsiness then you are probably having some sort of cord compression. If you are real curious look up radiculopathy and myelopathy. You should see a doctor in the very near future.
by Dr.Germany, Nov 10, 2005
Hello, I'm A neurosurgon in Germany, and i just have to say that you are not yet fully diagnosed. there have to be an elektromyogram to see if the nerves in the cervical spines are injured by this disc prolaps, then you can ask about an operation. and the operations in your case and in a lot of the spinal problems are not so fast indicated. it is optional that means in all the methodes fail (as pain killers and physiotherapie)then we can talk about the minimal invasive methodes (injection) and then after that if all fail we can talk about an operation.and from my experience alot of case would be resolved with the physiotherapie.
by mb100, Nov 14, 2005
Had ACDF c-4 through c-7 4-04. Have had problems every since. Just found out I have herniation at c-3 c-4,I haven't done any rehab stuff,dumbells or walking for about 2.5 months and symptoms have decreased  in my shoulder and arm. Before it was like it was bein pulled out.It would come on with no warning and would last sometimes for days at a time. The first time was about 3 or 4 weeks into rehab,I think thats when the current disk went, but doc did mri upper thoractic and found nothing.with that and other symptoms he finally ordered another mri in 10-05 that showed the herniation, also fusion is questionable at c-6 c-7, also 2 bottom screws are loose which makes me think the fusion at 6 and 7 was at least bad for a time, might have taken hold since. He ordered a cat scan and says looks like the fusion is probably ok at 6 and 7. Also wants to let the herniation go for now, will this repair itself, or is surgery inevitable? And what about loose screws,cervical not cranial? Any feedback would be appriciated. Quite a few other symptoms,one of which is my hands are still a little numb, so I wont list them. It's a pain to type.    Thanks    Mike
by denise dp, Nov 14, 2005
Hi, I don't know about the screws but the disc can get better . I had  one at L4-L5 that is slightly better, I'll take that as a good sign. You just have to be careful not to do repedative injuries over and over that is wherethe trouble is like ladies keep your heads away from the headboard!! For your neck discs!
God bless
by mb100, Nov 15, 2005
Thanks Denise, It's much better since I stopped doin the workouts.Based on that, I agree with what u said about repetitive motion. Well...I cant claim personal knowledge about the headboard thing! Funny girl. Thanks again and good luck to you.   Mike