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Grade 2 meniscus tear
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Grade 2 meniscus tear


I'm 25 yrs old female.I had pain in left knee for 2-3 months ,but it use to go after rest.But after MRI doctor found  ,that I 'm having Grade 2 lateral and medial  meniscus tear.I'm able to walk without any pain,but when strain is put on the knee like -while sitting,getting up,climbing stairs .
Orthopedic says I require an operation.
Physiotherapist is giving me ultrasound,interrefrential  and hot wax therapy and saying that I do'nt need a surgery and it may be healed by Physiotherapy in 3-4 months.

Kindly suggest what to do,if I go for operation ,then is it safe or can it be cured by physiotherapy?
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Hello Dear,
The basic principle of meniscus surgery is to save the meniscus. Tears with a high probability of healing with surgical intervention are repaired. However, most tears are not repairable and resection must be restricted to only the dysfunctional portions, preserving as much normal meniscus as possible.
Surgical options include partial meniscectomy or meniscus repair (and in cases of prior total or subtotal meniscectomy, meniscus transplantation). Arthroscopy, a minimally invasive outpatient procedure with lower morbidity, improved visualization, faster rehabilitation, and better outcomes than open meniscal surgery, is now the standard of care.
Partial meniscectomy is the treatment of choice for tears in the avascular portion of the meniscus or complex tears not amenable to repair. Torn tissue is removed, and the remaining healthy meniscal tissue is contoured to a stable, balanced peripheral rim.
Meniscus repair is recommended for tears that occur in the vascular region (red zone or red-white zone), are longer than 1 cm, involve greater than 50% of meniscal thickness, and are unstable to arthroscopic probing.
(Refer: http://www.emedicine.com/sports/TOPIC160.HTM#section~Treatment)


I just had surgery less than a week ago for both lateral and medial meniscus tears on my right knee. It was really no big deal at all. surgery was on a friday and I was back to work monday. not much pain involved and I am aleready walking w/out crutches after 3 days. I have been avoiding surgery for about 5 years, and now I don't know why. My personal recommendation is to go w/ your orthopedic doctors advice. If they say that surgery will help you with pain and discomfort, then do the operation.
Below are the findings of my knee MRI please suggest in this case should i go ahead with the arthoscopy or shall take a treatment..
" MR findings are suggestive of grade 2 tear in posterior horn of medial meniscus with marrow edema in medial femoral condyle with joint effusion "
I had an  injury 2 months back and I'm asked to take MRI . and  my reports are under:
Bones alignment & signal intensities are normal.
* Minimal free fluid noted in joint space  - Effusion
* Anterior & posterior cruciate ligaments appears normal.
* Collateral ligaments are normal.  
* Horizontal grade II tear involving posterior horn of medial meniscus.
* Patella, patellar tendon and quadriceps tendon shows no obvious signal
* Soft tissues and muscles around knee are normal in size contour and signal
   intensites. No focal lesions noted.

I'm advised to  undergo anthroscopy? Please give me a suggestion do i need it or can i manage without surgery.
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