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Spinal Screw Malplacement
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Spinal Screw Malplacement

I have a question about malplacement of spinal screws. I am about two years out of spinal fusion surgery and placement of screws and rods....I have had consistant lower back pain since, which they I have treated with pain meds, but no other testing. I had an independant x-ray done which shows a mal-placement of one of the screws that should have been placed in the L4/5 vertebrae, but now resideds in the L3/4 disc space. What should I do? Is there benefit to trying to see someone about getting the screw and or rods removed? Or would that cause an instability issue? Not sure what to do. I am sick of the ongoing pain, difficulty walking distances now, and heat and a vibration feeling in the disc space area, and down legs. They have changed and added more meds to compensate for the pain, but that is all. Thanks for your help.
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If the spinal  fusion does not heal, a condition known as pseudoarthrosis , the instrumentation, such as rods, screws, hooks may break, and further surgery may be required.
Revision surgery often involves correcting a deformity caused by a previously failed back surgery, breakage of instrumentation or pseudoarthrosis. The type of revision depends on the problem. The procedure may include operating on both the front and back of the spine. The incidence of complications from revision lumbar spine fusion surgery is higher than in first-time procedures. It is also more difficult to relieve pain and restore nerve function in revision surgery. You should be aware that the chance of having long-term spinal pain is increased.
Refer http://www.spineuniverse.com/displayarticle.php/article1562.html
Jan 2007 Excrutiating pain after a few years of suffering a lower back pain,kept being told nothing wrong
After 5 months and in so much pain i paid for a private consultation,that ordered mri's and xray done,which showed up severe DDD at L5/S1 & synovitis NHS for lumbar fusion Sept 2007.
Fusion 19th sept,no xrays used during surgery,just fluorescope.
discharged after delay checking xrays,all ok for 3-4 weeks,since have gotten worse with the pain in my right lower side of back,which radiates both sides some urinary incontinence,reoccurrance of freezing feet with bluish discolouration,nausea,uncontrolled sweating,numbness in parts of lower legs that varies day by day.
Doctor has sent a letter to my NS twice explaining how concerned he is,and i was sent for MRI,NS said all was fine,but report said they couldnt exclude another disc protrusion,no mention of hardware
A month ago i sent and paid for all my medical records from the hospital i had my op at,as i am so desperate with the pain,the xray 1 day post op seems to show that the right L5 screw enters the corner(or not) of the vertebrae,and then exits the top of the L5 vertebrae into the healthy disc space aboveat an exteme angle,IS THIS CORRECT?
I am desperate to get an answer,my doctor sent me for an xray last week and asked the radiographer if there was a misplaced screw and he wouldnt comment,i just need an answer.
Im only 35,and have now to rely on a wheelchair,as i can only walk a very short distance.

Please help
PS i have also left a message for you on your profile,sorry but i am so desperate for any ideas or help you can give me,

Thankyou so much
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