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Just a hello

I am brand new and was blown away to see that I am far from alone. Just a quick run down , I have cronic (chronic) jointpain with a very physical job and my doc was handling everything ok with fentanyl and 30 mg oxycodone. I was able to get up and within an hour proceed to work. Well this Doc leaves town with an apology, a refill and a good luck wish. I have since ran out of all meds and found no doctor that wants to deal with pain.....Ya'll know the drill. I finally get a walk in to refer me to PM 40 days out. No meds? To bad deal with it they say. Thrown under the bus, so what do you do. You try to get some help to no avail and then you have to hit the streets or at least I did. I am 50 and do not think I would survive the withdrawels with my high blood pressure to boot. Very frustrating. I went to a new Doc today and she said the same ole same ole." I don't prescribe narcotics " Maybe the streets? Good luck to all in pain
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First off let me welcome you to Medhelp. The group of people on this board has helped me alot since I have been on here and I am hoping we are able to help you also.
Do you have a family doctor? I would try to find one they have ideas and knows of some pain drs that would be willing to help you. My family dr has helped me more then she should. Getting meds off the street is never a good idea, you never know what your getting and you can get into alot of trouble for doing it.
I would keep looking for a dr, there has to be one. You can google your area for pain doctors and see if something comes up.
You are like me only narcotics help my pain and I am having alot of trouble finding a dr to treat me. The last pain dr I saw said i was to young to be on narcotics and said the pain is all in my head and I need to go to a dentist or a oral surgern. I will not be back to that doctor ever!!
I hope someone else has some more ideas for you and please hang in there, we have a great group of people on here.
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Hi Scartissue:  I'd like to welcome you to our community of chronic pain sufferers as well.
I am so sorry about what's happened to you.  For your doctor to just leave and not refer you to another doctor seems very irresponsible.  Do you know where your medical records are?  If not, you need to track those down.

Jamie gave you some good advice and I'll throw in my 2 cents worth.  First, go to your family doctor for blood pressure issues.  They may be able to help keep that down until you can get into a pain management doctor.  Check with your insurance carrier.  They may have a list of doctors in your area.  Same thing with local hospitals.  Many have referral services for doctors.

Do Not but off the streets.  If you get caught, you'll never be able to get a doctor to prescribe for you again.  And you have no idea what is in them or where they're from.

I pulled myself off fentanyl 50mg patches.  (Didn't like my doc.  long story).  And I couldn't get into see another doctor for a month so I do know how you feel.  It's not fun .  But the price you could pay for using street drugs is way too high.  It is worth it to wait until a pain management physician has treated you.

Good luck to you.  Keep posting.  You'll get all the support we can give you.  And we all want the best outcome for you.

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Please listen to the advice you've been given!  Getting pills off the street is a no-win situation.  I'm sorry your doctor left you in the lurch.  I think that is beyond cruel.  Keep searching for a physician  There is someone who will help you, you just need to find them.
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Wow, I'm sorry this happened.  This is actually a fear of mine.  My pain doctor throwing in the towel and leaving.  He runs his own practice.  If I were you, I'd look for another PCP until you can find a pain management doctor.  There are also psychitrists who deal with chronic pain as well.  Maybe they can help you too if your not getting anywhere with the pcp's.  There is no way you will be able to handle the withdrawals like that.  I can't believe how heartless these doctors are that won't prescribe your meds until you find another doctor.  This is awful.  I wish you the best of luck on your doctor search.  
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Hello Scartissue,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum of MedHelp. I am so very glad that you found us and took the time to post. But I am very sorry to hear about the predicament that you find yourself in. It's one that many of us fear!

Your reaction is just like mine was when I found the PM Forum. I read the threads and thought, "I could have written that!!" I was so happy to find that I was not alone....and you are not alone.

I don't know in what state you reside. In my state it is our PCP that prescribe for and follow their chronic pain patients. Apparently in your state it is PMP?

Even though your physician is no longer practicing they provide you with access to your medical records. That would be my first step, obtain those records. Then, with records in hand search for another physician. It will take some time but it's better than waiting the forty days to see a PMP. You can speed up the process by personally appearing and waiting for them. I have done that and had them within a few hours.

When you call for an appointment with a new physician explain to the gate keeper (some call them receptionists) that your physician has left town and stranded you without any medication refills. Explain that you need a new physician and ask if there is one on staff that would be willing to treat you. It may save you some needless appointments and time. Those medical records are the key to treatment. Remember these new physicians don't know you from Adam and they see many drug seekers. As heartless as they may appear they have a liscense to protect.

My heart goes out to you. I certainly hope that you do not have to wait those forty days. In the mean time if you pain becomes severe visit your local ER with medical records in hand. I know that they cannot prescribe a months supply but sometimes they are willing to help you through a crisis.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Please do not turn to illegally gotten prescription drugs. It is simply not worth the many risks involved in buying off the streets or even from a "friend." You will be drug tested and if anything shows up that shouldn't a PMP will not treat you, regardless of the reasons behind your motives.

I will look forward to hearing from you soon and I wish you the very best. Hang in there and please keep us posted.

Take Care,
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I can totally relate to you. It's scary when your trusted Physician takes off and abandons you. I have heard of many stories where ppl were in so much pain and no one would treat them resulting in finding relief from the streets. I can't say that I'm one for that but sometimes you have no choice. If that's the only form of relief that you can get then please be careful.

I'm sure that you will find members here that will judge you harshly for this and I'm sure to get some flack myself for my comments. It's all a pert of MedHelp.

There really are some wonderful members here. Stick around, I'm confident that you'll make many friends.

If you need anything or want to chat, you can send me a PM.

My best,
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I would like to thank everyone for the ideas and comments. I really appreciate it. I should have sent this a very long time ago. Sometimes I climb into my little world and don't think clearly, work, work and work, but thank you all.
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