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Pain on right side when laying on right side
Hi, I have had gall bladder surgery 2 years ago, but I still seem to have a problem laying on my right side without my liver or bile duct reacting to pain, in fact it "kicks" when I stay on my right side for too long in bed so I have to turn over (I say "kicks" because I guess it feels like how a baby would kick in the womb). I either have to lay on my back, lay on a slant with my right side elevated on my back, or on a slant with my right side elevated laying on my front.

For some reason I just can't put any pressure on my right side in bed when I'm trying to sleep, yet while I feel comfortable sleeping on my right side, my body won't let me.

I feel fine during the day, although on rare days I wake up with radiating pain from my right side where if I eat a quick banana it goes away... sometimes it wakes me up at 3am some mornings.

I also get a muscle spasm in my left side while breathing in at times... So I'm wondering if it's just because I'm sensitive, or the surgery may have caused some flaw or both?
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