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MY LEFT ARM,shoulder elbow wrist and fingers hurt so bad i wake up and start rubbing, pulling, masageing it. ive been to the e r twice had had a shot of phentonall, and2nd time a shot of daluidid. iam a diabetic and have nueropathy in my feet and hands. the neuopathy hurts but the arm pai is soo sever i start crying from the pain. my left arm feels like a 18 wheeler truck is parked on my arm. HELP

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Hello Bobby,

I am so sorry to hear about your extreme pain. I am glad you found us on MedHelp and took the time to post.

First of all it is my opinion that no one should have to live with that severe of untreated pain day after day. Please talk to your PCP and insist that you be prescribed something to control your severe least, and until they can come of with reasons for your pain.

This pain may be due to a spinal structure problem or it could originate in your shoulder. An MRI will provide you with better answers. Take charge of your medical care, be assertive  and please request additional testing. Don't allow your PCP to dismiss your pain.

And please let us know how you are doing.  I will look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Best of Luck.

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This could be from a pinched/compressed nerve, either along a major route across the shoulder, or at the entrance/exit from between cervical vertebrae in the neck. While there are many possibilities, one common one is for protusion of a disc into the spinal column such that is presses upon major nerves, or in the situation you are in, possibly there is nerve entrapment/compression due to very tight muscles around the left side of the base of the neck and shoulder region. I know someone who had this latter case and an operation repaired the anatomical problem, removing 90% of the pain. Residual pain could be a result of permanent nerve injury, or new pain from surgery itself, but 90% recovered is enough to resume significant activities involving that limb.

Given that you have a serious chronic disease, namely diabetes, I'm out of my depth on the extent to which diabetes could be a significant factor in the pain that you describe.

Hope they find what is the cause and that it is something fixable or at least managed.

Kind Regards,
Avatar m tn
I have most of the problems you have.I have had 2 different
Cervical spine surgeries.2006 and 2008 with fusions at
C4C5 C6C7 with instrumentation. I have no voice nerve damage
With limited use of left arm.I have chronic pain and meds have
Little help.I am now trying to make myself give in to try a implanted
Spinal stimulator.
I hope you find a answer that will help you,I am still searching.
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