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Shin Pain

I've been getting shin pain once every other day. I know it's not shin splints, because I know what they're like and I have been getting this pain lately from say, walking to the fridge or going up a flight of stairs. The shooting/stabbing pain is crippling when I put any sort of weight on my foot, and puts me on the floor for 3-5 minutes until I can get up again - the pain is completely gone.

The pain runs up along from the bottom of my shin to underneath the kneecap where the shin meets the knee. Any ideas on what this might be caused by?
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Hello and welcome to MH.
Sorry to hear of this. I think that if you haven't had an x-ray or some type of scan, one is in order. Please make the next available appt. with your Doc and go from there.
Sorry I don't have more advise for you.
Take care,
Hi Matt, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum of MedHelp. I am sorry you are experiencing such pain in your shin. Pain any where is horrid but especially so when it limits your ability to ambulate.

Shin pain generally occurs from overuse. This problem can come from irritation of the muscles or other tissues in the lower leg or from a stress fracture. This injury is most common in runners who increase their mileage or the intensity of their running, or who change the surface on which they are running.

When you walk or run your foot normally flattens out a small amount when it strikes the ground. If your foot flattens out more than normal it is called over-pronation. Over-pronation can contribute to shin pain.

Some specific conditions that cause shin pain include:

Stress fracture: This is a hairline crack in one of the lower leg bones, the tibia or fibula.
Medial stress syndrome: This is when the muscles that attach to the inner side of your tibia are inflamed.
Compartment syndrome: Your anterior compartment is an area in your leg that contains the muscles that point your foot and toes toward your body. Your lateral compartment contains muscles that move your foot and ankle away from your body. When a compartment is overused the muscles will become painful.

Mollyrae is correct that you should see your physician for an evaluation. In the mean time rest, elevation of your leg(s), ice or heat and a NSAID may ease your discomfort. I wish you the best. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. And as always, Take care of yourself, Tuck

Thank you sooo much for sending this reply to the question asked about shin pain. I'm only 36 and I used to run or jog a lot when I was younger. I have always found some way to excersise or work my legs, etc... About 7 years ago, I started noticing that when I slowly jogged or had to sprint cause of being in a hurry, both my long bone's, connected from the top of my ankle to my knee (shin bone, I guess) were so sore: it honestly felt like they were bruised and had been beaten on or something. I can run my finger or hand up and down these bones and it actually hurts; that's insane. I'm relieved to know that this is common and there are answers. You're answer was so enlightning and extremely helpful as well as educated. I will look into this more and ask my doctor about it. Have a super day!

Crystal Rollison: )
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