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3 1/2 Month Old Hates Tummy Time!!
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3 1/2 Month Old Hates Tummy Time!!

Hello, I have a daughter who will be 4 months on the 22nd, and since birth I have been trying to get Kara to do her tummy time, but everytime I put her on her stomach she starts to cry after only a minute or so!
I know if she doesnt do her tummy time she wont be able to develop good motor skills, but I dont know how to get her to go on her tummy without her screaming her head off!
I cant just let her cry like that, she stuffs her face into the floor and just crys!
I have gotten on the floor with her and put toys around her, even tried putting a nursing pillow underneath her or a blanket to prop her up a bit, but she still will only last a couple minutes!
She loves her jolly jumper and bumbo that I have, and seems to hold head up fairly well!
Should I just keep doing what I'm doing and keep introducing tummy time to her, and is there something maybe I could try to help her enjoy her tummy time!?!?!
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keep it up. a couple minutes at a time is fine. instead of pushing her to do a longer session, just do a few of those short sessions each day. i know some people fork out money for tummytime mats. my baby did the best when i did tummy time on the couch. the gentle angle of the cushions propped her slightly and she had a more interesting view of the room than when on the floor. it was also easier on me to sit next to the couch and sing to her,
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Thanks for the advice, I'll keep it up for sure! I never really stopped, she's just very perticular about how she sits and lays down!
I put her on her tummy lastnight for a couple mins and same this morning and she didnt cry right away like she usually does! Which is a good sign!
How old are your kids?
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