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New-Noticing PATM Symptoms
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New-Noticing PATM Symptoms

Hello I'm new here. I thought I was going insane until I found this forum.

I work in a public place and at first I didn't put one and one together because I thought it was just flu season and people get sick during the winter but now I'm noticing more and more everyday that when some people come in contact with me cough a lot sometimes hacking uncontrollably.

When I am around babies, I notice that they cry a lot (some of them) and most times I'm not even that close by. When I move farther away from them the crying immediately stops (but I am still within hearing distance and can hear that they've stopped crying).  

Some people I work with cough and or sneeze when I am close by them and others do not. Sometimes I sneeze, my eyes feel irritated, I cough and my throat feels irritated. Most times I have this weird feeling around my nose like dust or hairs accumlate under my nose and I have to rub my nose often to get this weird feeling to go away. I've been noticing this problem, with others coughing or sneezing when they come in contact with me, since around the holidays last year so it has only been about a month or so. This is starting to worry me and make me feel very depressed.

I can't understand why PATM affects some people and not all. I went into a store to buy something and one lady was coughing a lot and the other ladies were not affected. I then later on that same night went to another store, one sale person was hacking (coughing) a lot. When she went away she wasn't coughing, when I needed help and she walked over to me she was hacking again. This was the point where I really started adding things up. And since this happened, over the past few weeks I've been really having eye opening experiences and believe that people are allergic to me. At first I thought it was an odor but now I think its an irritant or a gas. I switched lotions, I switched fabric softners, I febreezed my clothes, I used scented candles, and odor elimation sprays for my room and nothing is working.

History on me, I have a tumor, I do have mold him my room, pink mold was found in some old hair conditioner which I immediately threw away after I noticed it but I unfortunately was using it before I saw the pink mold. I have a skin condition on my scalp and my scalp is flaky, I had seborrhea dermititis but it has lessened since my scalp is more flakier now, and I have a BB or what everyone is calling bad breath here,correct? Also, I was on a vegan diet for roughly 4 months and then I went back on a Standard american diet which I regret (dairy, bread, meat, junk food, sweets). I'm slowly trying to ween myself off the sugar, bread, and bad fats so I can eat healthy again. I was only eating raw food, steamed food, nuts, seeds, garlic, spices and beans (no dairy, no meat, no junk), some salt. I was taking a digestive enzyme but I recently ran out of them.

I'm not sure what is causing this but I've read almost all the post here and I've come to the conculsion that it has something to do with the digestive system and out bodies releasing a toxic gas (odorless). It might have something to do with H plyori or it is the mold. Sigh. I wish I knew for sure. I'm going to experiment with trying to take care of this mold issue, going back on the healthy diet for starters. If anyone knows any helpful information it would be very much appreciated. I'm glad I'm not paranoid after all. :)
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First of all, words cannot express what I felt when I found this forum. My life, and the lives of my sweet angels (my children) have been pushed into reverse ever since May 2009 over the SAME issues in this forum. Since then, I have devoted every minute to finding a remedy to this WICKED shame (each night I rock my children to sleep, praying to god that if I cant beat this, to leave the suffering with me and spare my babies, ages 10 and 2).
My story is so long, so I will spare it unless more info is needed for anyone to help.
I know what is happening, for I am adult, but my children do not, and since I have been told by many doctors that I am a druggie or crazy right in front of my ten year old, she has chosen to be a brave little girl and "ignore" it all by lashing out at those who make fun of her (although she tells me I am not crazy). My two year old son, another story. He's two, so hes so innocent, but he is aggravated and agitated alot of the time. My husband, he's almost not my husband anymore, and after telling me i'm crazy and the way he's been so unsupportive (and down-right mean) to me (he told the children I am crazy as well, and has made fun of me in front of them too) I could care less.
I have found, that in addition to the sneezing, itching and other symptoms involved, that our hair has been hard to comb or brush and that its lost all its shine. Our hair looks dull, damaged and broken.....which shouldn't be. I also have noticed that my fingernails (once awesome, healthy and easy to grow out - my nails were the type beauty salons hated) no longer grow, break and are brittle. Toenails too and my children have the same issue (their nails are brittle) I have tried OTC fungals for this cause, as well as tea tree and vites made for hair and nails and to no avail (also note, I try ALL remidies, home or personal, on myself first)
I was never a clean-freak, and never a pig either, until this surfaced. I have to be very discreet as to what I try to manage these horrible symptoms (my daughter goes to school, but my son is home with me, as well as my unemployed husband) for fear that I will be ridiculed.
My experience  - I believe in our case is personal as well as environmental.
My best results have been enzyme cleaner and lime for the home, peppermint castile soap for the SHOWER (no baths - I miss them) and ALOT of vaccuming. I use borax in my regular laundry detergent for our clothes. I try as hard as I can to let my kids be just
If i am rambling its because i have shut myself off from everyone in my little world, they didn't understand, and I didn't need the sarcasm, so it's been a VERY long time that I have been able to just let go. I have so much inside, I didn't know what to say first. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to help children, I would be more than appreciative. I worry about them so much...their little lives are just that, and all I want for them is to be able to be like all the other kids and have the self-esteem to think that they are just like all the other kids.
Thank you and god bless us all
I have just put on a post on about biofilm bacteria - and the pink mould you talk about could be serratia marcesens, which is a biofilm.

You can have biofilm in your nose, mouth teeth, digestion and blood, and it can cause and odour and give off a gas.

I am not an expert on this but have only started reading about it, and usually fungus is also involved, so you need to change your diet (see biofilm carbohydrate diet) and try to rid yourself of the bacteria.   First of all you might want to get a swab of your nose and mouth to see if you do have a biofilm.   I have put a copy of a post below from some months ago just for info:

""I had fecal breath odor for YEARS. Talked to many doctors who I am sure thought that I was crazy....I finally had an upper endoscopy from a gastroenterologist surgeon at a major medical university on the west coast. She took biopsies from my esophagus where she noticed "reddish, juicy areas" (as she described them) and had them analyzed. Turns out that I have had an esophageal infection for YEARS,,, it was the bug called Serratia Marcescens,,, she put me on a 3 month duration of Bactrim DS (double-strength)antibiotic....had me crush and gargle the pills because taking them whole didn't cure the infection at first....Post this everywhere you know to help people!! thanks..... PS here is a website with information on Serratia Marcescens:

Also there is a mouthwash called Biotene bfp mouthwash claiming to kill off biofilm.  I cannot say if it works as I have never tried it.

Hope this info helps in some way.
Hello, thank you so much for relpying to me. I will take what you said to my dr. and have him take a look at this. I tried to explain to him that i needed to be tested or to have my blood checked or tested for bacteria in my body or mouth and all he did was give me blood test and a chest x ray.

The blood work was fine and so was the chest x ray but i do have allergic rhinitis. He prescribed a nasal spray. I am going to make sure I schedule another appt. to find out what bacteria is living in my mouth.

This information that you sent to me is extremely helpful. All i could do was describe what i'm experiencing but the dr. said it was "crazy". I have to reach out to him and keep explaining b/c if I do not i won't find out what is really going on with me. THank you mendedsoon very much!!!

I also found this site that explains allergic rhinitis.
This part of the article in quotes is what i found to be most interesting. check this out and I hope it can help others if they're still struggling to find out what's going on

"Perennial AR is often triggered by house dust, a complicated mixture of airborne particles, many of which are potent allergens. House dust contains some or all of the following:

•House mite body parts. All houses contain large numbers of microscopic insects called house mites. These harmless insects feed on fibers, fur, and skin shed by the house's larger occupants. Their tiny body parts easily become airborne.
•Animal dander. Animals constantly shed fur, skin flakes, and dried saliva. Carried in the air, or transferred from pet to owner by direct contact, dander can cause allergy in many sensitive people.
•Mold spores. Molds live in damp spots throughout the house, including basements, bathrooms, air ducts, air conditioners, refrigerator drains, damp windowsills, mattresses, and stuffed furniture. Mildew and other molds release airborne spores that circulate throughout the house."
Hello, thank you for replying. Please check out my latest post. This may help you find out what's wrong...if you haven't found out yet. I appreciate your kind words and sharing your story with me ...God bless you. :)
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