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Let’s start by identify foods that feed candida. Sugar comes in many forms. Any processed and packaged foods, are filled with it. Ev...
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After becoming PATM free off and on throughout the five years of being on this forum I still was not able to wear fragrance I still ...
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I'm just trying to gather more comprehensive information about PATM victims. In my case, I've had blood work done my kidneys work fine - ...
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Hey guys I've been suffering from patm for about 2 months. luckily I was able to find am instant cure. I believe most people with patm ar...
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This might be a long post so stay with me, please! I'm a 31 y/o guy that showers twice a day and is really OCD clean. I have NEVER had...
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Is the forum still active or there is onother one out there? or why do people dont post anymore??
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And of course Donald Trump starts sniffling. I followed a live forum during the debate, and I kid you not - 30 seconds after I tune in, p...
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Hi Guys I have been a sufferer of PATM for around 2 years and it has severely affected my life. I'm sure everyone can agree the emotiona...
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Not to sound too disgusting by this topic..but has anyone receive the idea in their genital area or around the anus and smell anything th...
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  Scene68,    da16424
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I posted a lot on the old forum in the past about the success I had in getting rid of PATM. I thought I'd post my solution again here ju...
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I just got the results from my first stool sample today, and they indicate some significant disturbances to my gut flora: "The immunom...
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More often than not, the condition we call "PATM" has a remarkable resemblance to TMAU. The only distinct difference between PATM suffere...
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Hey i have patm for more than 6 years now .. Is there something that helps ? I hate it to live with patm, i dont want to be near by other...
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I completed my candigone n saccharomyces boulardi n most of my symptoms are gone. Im currently on helicobacter pylori antibotics for 2 we...
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No sane doctor will do blood transfusion just like that, for my case i was fortunate to have anaemia. Don't waste your money and time...
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So ive just been living life w this bull shhh, i havnt heard from alot of u in a while how yall mutha luvas doin?? Any breakthroughs? Ya...
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I bet PATM is a goldmine for alternative health specialists and anyone wanting to sell us lots of supplements. The PATM community is a gr...
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  hopeful12345,    PATMsufferer,    hopeful12345,    PATMsufferer,    hopeful12345
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I dont need to tell you my story. I've gone through the stages most of you have. What I realised is everyone has drawn their own conclusi...
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Am I going crazy? Sometimes that sounds easier to deal with than PATM. I believe there are a few elements needed for PATM to exist at...
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  PATMsufferer,    patmisreal,    grateful2011,    Patmfighter
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Hello to all of you. I'm Justin, 25, I live in Orlando. I will say, PATM reactions in this city are no fun at all. My first reaction ...
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