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My husband was recently taken off of Lipitor and has been experiencing daily headaches. He's not a headache person.  Is this a common thing when coming off Lipitor?  Also,  I have read that you should stop it gradually.  Is this true?  Thank you
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How are you? How long ago was the medication stopped. Why was it stopped and were there any specific instructions given to stop it. How it should be stopped depends on largely why it was stopped. If he was having another side affect of Lipitor, he would certainly not want to be on it any longer than absolutely necessary. Headache is not an uncommon side affect of Lipitor. Other reported side affects include muscle aches, tenderness and weakness. These symptoms are particularly concerning when they accompany fevers. The reported frequency of various side affects are as follows:

Headache -- reported in up to 16.7 percent of people
Muscle pain -- reported in up to 5.6 percent of people
Diarrhea -- reported in up to 5.3 percent of people  
Joint pain -- reported in up to 5.1 percent of people
Unexplained rash -- reported in up to 3.9 percent of people
Stomach pain -- reported in up to 3.8 percent of people

General feeling of weakness (asthenia)
The flu
Back pain
Allergic reaction
Passing gas
Heartburn or indigestion (dyspepsia)
Inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis)
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Thanks for the reply.  I think he stopped it over 3 weeks ago, so we thought maybe the headaches were from something else because it's been so long. Could coming off of it still be affecting him this long after stopping?
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