Baby crying uncontrollable at same time every night
by lil_lady25, Feb 24, 2011
Hi ladies, as some of you know I am the mommy to 2 two month old girls. They are very healthy and have never had any health issues even considering they were preemies (32 weeks gestation). The bigger twin Taylor has had crying spells around 9pm at night that can sometimes last for 2 hours of uncontrollable crying. I was told that she wasn't crying enough for it to be colic. Is anyone else experiencing this or have any idea why she is doing this? I try everything that I can think of to calm her down but nothing seems to help.
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by Mariana101, Feb 24, 2011
Do you have one of those chairs that vibrates? or try wrapping her like a burrito like when she was a small baby. I'm pregnant with twins (8 weeks 3 days) but I have another daughter (16 now) so I am a mom. I don't think poor Taylor is 100% fine though, crying for that long is not normal. Try a new milk or something. 2 HOURS IS LONG ENOUGH!! I mean... are they crazy... they are obviously not there when she cries:( Poor baby. How is your other one? Madison I think is her name. Good luck. I will treat it as they are colics, change to soy milk just to try for few days... your maternal instinct will lead you, but that is what I will do.
by 30something13, Feb 24, 2011
''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''colic" is a joke! there is not such thing. What they call colic is a term dr's use to not take care to find the problem. Babies do not cry for no reason and it is nto good for them to cry either! I would buy a ring sling or moby wrap and see if it is closeness she is needing. OSme babies need to be close to you and feel insecure especially when tired. If that is not the case I would say an allergy to something an dit is huritn her belly. Bellies are not developed in full term babies til 6-9 months and aer meant to digest nothing other then breastmilk and even then if mom eats ertian things it can bother them. If she doe snto have a diaper rash, too much spititn up which some at every feed is normal, dose not seem to be in pain then I would not change the milk. And if it persists ask about goats milk which is small proteins compared to cows and soy based formula and is most like breastmilk and has more nutrients then cow and soy formulas
by lil_lady25, Feb 25, 2011
Mariana - Yes, we have the bouncer but every time I put her down she wakes right back up and starts crying. Maybe it is the colseness that she likes. I can't hold her all day though because I have another baby to tend to. I feel like Madison loses a lot of attention because she is the calm and quiet baby. I feel bad for her but I dont know how to spend my time equal amongst the both when Taylor is crying a lot more. We do have soy formula in the house, maybe we will just try it for a day or two and see how it goes. Thanks for the help.

30something- I honestly dont know what colic is, but have heard it causes babies to cry a lot. I agree that babies dont just cry for no reason. It breaks my heart when she cries for so long and there seems to be nothing I can do to help it. She doesn't have diaper rash and hardley ever spits up. Maybe she is just clingy. Thank you for the advice.
by jmomof3, Feb 25, 2011
My first daughter (now 10) would have a fussy period from 7 to 9 just about every night for the first 4months and then it just stopped. Being held and carried around worked the best for her but I know that would be difficult having two. Don't worry, this fussines will likely be short lived.
by lin_z_ttc1, Feb 25, 2011
My daughter just turned 6 weeks yesterday, and I COMPLETELY understand. Over the past week or so she gets fussy either in late afternoon or late evening almost on a daily basis. She went from being so content and only crying when she was hungry, to crying inconsolably for hours at a time. Just a few nights ago we were up all night long with her, it was unnerving to say the least.

HOWEVER... I found something that has been a miracle to us.... CHAMOMILE!!! :0) I've tried it in 2 different forms over the past few days, and have seen almost instant results. One is called "Gentle Naturals: Tummy Smoothers" which is all natural medicine for colicky babies. It has chamomile and ginger in it. You just give her 1/2 teaspoon either by itself or mix it in her bottle (I mixed it) a few times a day, and should see some improvement.

I've found what I like using more is just regular chamomile tea, I think it works a little quicker and has more chamomile concentrate in it. I heat up 1 cup of water, seep the tea bag in it, till it cools to luke warm, and give her an ounce 30 min before her bedtime feeding. It settles her tummy and calms her, and she sleeps much sounder. Just make sure you don't give her too much to where she's not hungry for her regular breast/formula feeding, as she'll still need to get the nutrients from that.

I also have a swing, and she loves to sit in that and look until she dozes off for a nap. Good luck hope one of these helps you! :0)
by Mariana101, Feb 25, 2011
She might have colic. Or reflux. My son had it really bad. He would start at about 9 or 10 at night and scream for hours. Sometimes like 8 hours. They just pretty much have to grow out of colic. They do around 3 to 4 months. The best you can do is just try to comfort her, and if she startes to make you feel like you are going crazy, lay her down and leave the room to calm down, then go back to her. It is draining, I know! My mother in law bought this stuff on the internet called colic calm. It really seemed to work, its a type of 'gripe water' Which people will probably tell you to try. I tryed quite a few different ones, I was going crazy, but that one seemed to be the only one that helped. Also, when they have an upset tummy (which is basically what colic is) they think they are hungery and want to eat non-stop. But, that only makes more bubbles, more upset tummy, makes things worse. So, only feed her when you think she is really hungrey, when its been 2-3 hours... you know how ofen and how much she normally eats. You can google colic/reflux in infants. Theres alot of good information you can find. Also, my son lived in a swing.That helps with colic, he slept in it (when he slept) and would just hang out in it. Even now that hes 5 months old, its still kindof his 'comfort' spot. Also, feed her upright a little and try to keep her upright for as long as you can after feedings, like a half hour if you can. If your breastfeeding, great, if not... you may have to switch formulas. We had to put my baby on enfamil gentlease. Its really broke down and easy for them to digest. And has 1/4 of the lactose that normal formula has. Just a few suggestions.... Just try to hang in there.. it WILL pass. Stick by eachother and help eachother through it. There were some days that my hubby would just get him in the carseat and go for a ride and I would sit at home and cry! Its really emotionally draining, but your baby will grow out of it. Good luck!
Swaddling is a good thing to try... I would not recommend letting her sleep in her carseat all night. Babies do sleep better in a carseat sometimes, because ins snug and they feel secure, but its increases the risk os SIDS. I wouldnt do it. They can over heat in there also. If you do try swaddling, make sure that your house is cool enough and maybe just have her in a onsie. Babys bodys dont have the ability to cool down like ours, and if they get to hot.... Well, its not a good thing. Another risk factor for SIDS. Swaddling is good, just make sure its cool enough for her thats all.
by Heatherm4, Feb 27, 2011
My son would do that for the first couple months right before bed. Not as long as 2 hours but the last 2 weeks (he's 17 weeks now) he's gone back to being fussy and he really settles down when I just hold him and it's hard because I can't just hold him all day. I couldn't imagine it with having 1 like that and another to tend to as well.
I don't think colic is real either...I call it colic when describing how he is to other people so they know what I'm talking about but I believe that they are crying for a reason. My little guy is very sensitive to gas and is starting to teethe..he's also a little mamma's boy. I'm interested in this chamomile that lin_z was talking about...I might have to try it.
Does she possibly have reflux? I couldn't tell what was wrong with my little guy so I even put his bed at an angle to help.
by lorane, Mar 01, 2011
Hello. I am also a mother of twins. Mine were also born at 32 wks and are now 4 1/2 months old. My son also had a crying time in the mid afternoon. I did two things that worked I read the book the happiest baby on the block and fussy baby. I discovered that my son was not getting enough rest and needed to nap at this time he cried ALOT the first time I tried to put him down for a nap off and on for over an hour the next day was less until when I put him down he just fell asleep I always put him in the same place to nap so he knows when he goes there this is just for sleep. The books gave me great advice on what to do & what would work. I hope this helps oh I got them from and paid about 75 cents each which was the best investment I've made:) These books also provided some great tips on a variety of other issues that were also helpfu especially how to get them to stay asleep for longer periods of time. Good luck and it is starting to get better with them only waking once at night, (finally) Oh by the way my girl is the calm easier baby too:)
by lil_lady25, Mar 01, 2011
Thank you so much ladies for all of the advice and information!! Thankfully she is getting a bit better and isnt crying for as long now. She is still way fussier than her sister and I think she may have some tummy issues because she pushes and groans like she's going #2 but when I check her diaper there is nothing there. Is there something that I can give her to help her go potty? Their 2 month wellness check up isnt until next Thursday the 10th and I will talk with him about it but until then any insight is appreciated.