Could clear stretchy mucus 3 days before AF mean i have a chance?
by gillianl, Sep 06, 2009
I've only just noticed i'm having a clear stretchy discharge and i'm only 3 days away from AF.  I thought you only got this when you were ovulating?  Could i have conceived?  i don't want to build my hopes up as we have a few problems to sort with a fertility specialist.  Can anyone give me some ideas?
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by tobbeyj, Sep 06, 2009
I would get busy as soon as I see the stretchy mucus when you wanna get preg. I had a friend who was TTC for months and she kept on doing the 14 day before AF is due etc and 14 days after etc. I told her about the mucus one month and she was shocked. She told me she doesn't get that mucus until a few days before her period is due. Low and behold - she was preg the next month. Many women dont know but we don's all ovulate in the middle of a cycle - some ovulate late and others early. This is why the whole counting the days doesn't work for everyone. Good luck to you - wish you a BFP this month :)
by smjmekgBlank, Sep 06, 2009
Really not sure on that one...I was having EWCM for a couple days, and thought, oh no I'm pregnant, I'll have to wait to fly back home...BUT AF showed her face yesterday. I wish I could say yes, I'd be happy for you and me if we were pregnant, I've read that creamy CM is present with pregnancy...
by gillianl, Sep 07, 2009
thanks guy's the only difference this month is so far i haven't had any brown discharge, i normally get that 5 days before AF is due.  I really don't think i am pregnant though me and my partner have been at it like rabbits since ovulation lol.  I've got my fingers crossed 2 days to go so we will see!!