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Slow rising hCG levels: how worried should I be?
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Slow rising hCG levels: how worried should I be?

I'm at 6 weeks, 6 days since beginning of last period. (Ovulated Nov. 9th) I've been spotting for a week and a half. Mostly brown or clear. The clear discharge is a bit smelly. They sent me for an hCG test due to the spotting. Monday the level was 3763. Wednesday 4100. Saturday 5163. I'm 38 and this is my first pregnancy. I've read other threads where low rising numbers turned out ok, but it would be great to get more reassurance! Or to know if I should brace myself? We have an ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday morning, but it's very hard not to worry.
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I know your worried.  A big mistake I see so many here make (myself included) is trying to interpret our own test results, especially the rate of rise for HCG levels.  It is absolutely not true that HCG levels should double every 2 days.  That only happens until they hit about 1200.  After that the doubling time slows down dramatically.  In my personal case, I went from 1000 to 4000 in a week!  I am now 33 weeks and my little boy is doing great!  The higher the numbers rise, the slower the doubling time.  I can't begin to tell you how many women I have seen on here absolutely panic because their numbers aren't doubling every 2 days and everything turns out perfectly fine!  

As for the spotting...clear discharge is normal.  As you get further along it increases, so it's best to wear a panty liner.  As for the smell, that is a good thing to mention to your Dr.  It can be linked to anything from a yeast infection (again, common) to any number of things.  It does warrant a call though.  Brown spotting is also pretty common, but again, you should give your Dr.  a quick call.  Many of us get that and the vast majority of the time all is just fine.

The worrying is normal and comes with the territory.  I think part of the problem is no one ever tells us this stuff can happen ahead of time.  I am also an older first time mom (40) and have learned so much from this site about what is normal and what isn't.  But at the end of the day, when in doubt, see your Dr.  He or she is the best person to interpret any test results.  But in all honesty, things sound fine.  Your ultrasound will give you the info you are looking for and hopefully put your fears to ease (until the next  Hang in there, and please don't forget to update us.  I wish you well!!!!
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I am one of those women that Adgal had to reassure a couple of weeks ago, and I can tell you that so far, she was absolutely correct.  Dr. had me so worried, that I thought I should prepare myself for a miscarriage....but they stopped checking my levels because after a great ultrasound, everything looked great.  They then told me that they guessed that was just how baby and I were decided to do things=)

I'm sure you will get similar news.  It's so hard not to worry, but listen to Adgal.  It will be okay.  As long as those numbers are rising, you should be fine.  Good luck at your u/ soon as you see the heartbeat, you will instantly be relieved!  Keep us posted!!!
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I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and it was PUL ( pregnancy of unknown location).  I then had HCG measurements done 2 days apart with only a 50% rise.
Because of this my risk of ectopic was high and I had to go back in for another ultrasound.
Gestational and yolk sac was found. :-))   So although slow rising HCG can be an indicator of a problem it is an indicator only and not even close to an absolute.  
From then I only had ultrasounds as the clinic I go to believes these are a much better measure - I am now 12wks 3days.
Hope it goes well for you.
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