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how much Vitamin D3 during pregnancy
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how much Vitamin D3 during pregnancy


I don't drink milk and I'm concerned whether or not I'm getting enough vitamin d3 and calcium.I'm 6 weeks pregnant
My prenatal vitamins has 300 mcg of calcium and 400 IU.

But I'm also taking additional calc&vitD3 supplement

in total I'm taking
Calcium=966 mcg
Vitamin D3=99 IU

is it too much?can u advise  a better approach for taking sufficient vitd3

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I think you need to ask your medical provider for that question.... I take prenantal vitamin and i believe it's enough... also i drink at least 2 to 3 glass of milk a day...

Sometimes too much is not good for  you... your doctor should let you know how much you need... the main thing is Folic Acid....
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I take 2,000 IU of vitamin D (as vitamin D3). Earlier this year I was found to be very deficient in vitamin D, I went on a treatment of 20,000 IU for 2 months then I was put on 2,000 IU per day for the rest of my life. When I got pregnant I just kept taking the same amount. I have not discussed that with my gynecologist but my regular doctor told me it's very important for pregnant women to get enough vitamin D during pregnancy.

I am not suggesting that you start taking high levels of vitamin D (not at all) but I encourage you to speak about that with your doctor, he can do a quick blood test to see what's your level of vitamin D.
Otherwise the only good way to get natural vitamin D is to spend at least 20 mns/day in the sun - if you're lucky to live in a warm place all year round.

As for calcium, I do not drink much milk but I eat a lot of cheese and yogurts, so for me that's probably fine.
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Very good question, and I concur with the others that Vitamin D is very important in pregnancy. More and more health care providers are coming to believe that we need at least 2,000IU per day, especially in northern climates. And yes, a simple blood test will reveal whether you are deficient, so ask your health care provider about it for sure!

Vitamin D is essential for many facets of fetal development, including teeth, eyes and brain.

Best wishes,
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The new suggested upper limit for D3 is 10,000IU. I am on 5,000IU per day per my doctor, because when my level was tested I was only at 19% of normal.

Most North American and European women (and their babies) are quite deficient in D3.
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I have been reading some on the subject. It does seem that most Americans are vitamin D deficient, it doesn't help that we have become so afraid of the Sun, even with its benefits. It seems Vitamin D can help with a healthy pregnancy and the future health of the child. Check this out and definately talk to your doc.
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