Neg Blood HCG Pregnancy Test 10 days late , where is my period?
by misssue74, Jan 21, 2006
It is Jan 21 and my period is about 10 days late.  My last cycle started Dec. 13, 2005 and I was suppose to come on Jan 10.  Nothing has happened yet.  However, the nipple area on both of my breast hurt.  I have cramps and bloating as well as feeling tired and sick (On the weekends I usually go out but lately I am just to exhausted, I also have been going to bed very early).
At times I feel some type of discharge and think it is my period coming but its not.

I took a blood test on Thursday the 19th and the test came back negative - 5mIU/ml.  I don't know what is going on.  My cycle have been normal coming every 27-28 days and now nothing.  I am still going to see my gyn. on Wednesday Jan 25th.

I know that people say if you think you are pregnant you can think you feel symptoms but these are real.  And if I am not where is my normal period?  I am not on any medication right now.  I had been taking Tapazole for my thyroid but I stopped it when my period was late.  I have been taking it for months so I don't think it's the medication causing the problem because my cycles have been nomal.

I had unprotected sex Jan 1-3rd. Wouldn't my test be positive by now if I was pregnant?  What could it be if not pregnancy?
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by cowgirlup96, Jan 21, 2006
Stress can make you late on your menses as well as an std.  I am not sure if this is your partner or not.  I would guess stress.  Because you are thinking about it, it won't come.  Stop worrying and it may come.  But definately keep your appt with your gyn.  Also your thyroid meds can make you not have a period.  Especially if you have stopped it or it was not the right dose. Have you had your levels checked?
Good luck
by gorilla-keeper, Jan 21, 2006
You may have just had an anovulatory cycle-- you didn't ovulate.  It's fairly common for women to have one or two months a year without ovulation, as it can be caused by stress, illness, medication, travel, strenuous exercise, weight gain/loss, etc.  Anyway, your body tries but for some reason doesn't succeed in ovulating-- it is ovulation (and the hormones that go with it) that causes you to have a period (af).  Basically, what happens is that your body prepares the uterine lining for an egg (which is never released- no ovulation), and it continues to grow until it can't support itself and then breakthrough bleeding finally occurs (not techinially menstruation).  Because your body may have tried to ovulate several times in this cycle, and then needs to wait until the lining "collapses", an anovulatory cycle typically is longer than your normal/regular cycle-- and of course, will give you a bfn on pregnancy tests.  If you don't get your af soon, your doctor can give you some meds to help bring it on and "reset" your cycle.
Good luck!!
by misssue74, Jan 22, 2006
Thank You for your help with your responses.
I have a question. What does bfn and af stand for?

by Paulettehfx, Jan 22, 2006
neg preg test and period.

If i were you I would retest, if you have the symptoms and you are regular, your body may be taking its time with the hcg to register. There is such a wide scope of exceptable hcg levels. I would retest and see where you are. Get a bata hcg too that will give you the level (quantitive) not a qualitive.. That will just give you yes or no.
by misssue74, Jan 22, 2006
Thank you for explaining all the abbr. to me.
I should have got the af because I always call mine auntie flow.

Thanks for all the advice too.
by gorilla-keeper, Jan 22, 2006
Paulette is right, you should also retest in a few days--just in case!  A friend of ours didn't get a + on her hpt until she was 8 weeks pregnant... I've heard of even some people never getting a + on their urine tests (although a blood test will show it).

AF= "aunt flo" your period.
BFN= "big fat negative" negative pregnancy test.

(There are a whole bunch of other abbreviations
regularly used on here...
hpt= home pregnancy test
ept= early pregnancy test
BFP= big fat positive (+ pregnancy test)
ttc= trying to conceive
pg= pregnant
dh= darling husband
dd= darling daughter
ds= darling son
by AEL, Jan 23, 2006
I understand completely, I am in the same boat and am so glad I found this forum!!!!

I have been going through fertility stuff (6 cycles of clomid and 6 IUI the last happening on Christmas day.) I was REALLY positive this time because the timing was perfect -- smack dab in the middle of ovulation, one follicle was gone, one still there at the time of insemination.

To date I don't have my period.  I have taken 9 (yes, 9) HPT and had one quantitative HcG on 1/13/06 (Friday the 13th of course) ALL NEGATIVE.  Still no period and some other symptoms are there as well, slight cramping, breast tenderness, etc.

According to my DR. there is NO WAY that I am pregnant and he wants me to take Provera to bring on a period and then start injectibles in the next cycle. I am not sure I am OK with this, any thoughts?  

Not counting on it, but hoping!!!

by Maggie78, Jan 26, 2006
I heart goes out to you.  I am in a similar boat.  On average AF pays a visit on the 29th day.  My last MS was 12/14 (4 days early) primarily because I had my CPE Exams for my Masters Degree.  AF should have visited on 1/11/2006.  It's now the 26th of the month, 3 (-)hCG later and still no resolve.  My fiance and I are hoping we are P, but I think I'll be devestated if Im not.   Has anyone had this?
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