Positive Pregnancy Test and then a Negative Pregnancy test four days later?
by Phantomangel1, Mar 30, 2007
Tuesday morning the day my period was supposed to start I took a Clear Blue Easy digital test and got a Positive result. On Friday morning I took the same test again out of the same box and this one showed up Negative and I am starting to spot but it doesn't seem like a normal period. Maybe I am just wanting to be pregnant so the spoting doesn't seem normal. I have an appointment on Monday with the OB-GYN. Any ideas? Can I be pregnant?
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by Mrs 'C', Mar 30, 2007
The fact that you've used the same test and got a negative result 4 days after a positive does not look good.
The same happened to me - twice, and it was ladies on this forum who correctly advised me that I had experienced a chemical pregnancy. This may also be what it happening to you.
It's where conception takes place but implantation doesn't. This can therefore produce a small amount of the Hcg hormone which a pregnancy test measures - giving you a positive result, but as the pregnancy does not take, this hormone drops off quickly - thus resulting in a negative a few days later.

It's probably only ladies who are ttc who ever even know that they are pregnant for a short time, for those who aren't, or not sure of their exact dates, they would probably just think their period was a few days late. You may also find that this period is slightly heavier than usual.
Apparently chemical pregnancies are very common.... not that that makes it any less distressing.

HOWEVER, if I was you I'd still test again tomorrow. You may have used too little or too much urine when you last tested and therefore got a false negative.

If it is a 'chemical', don't be disheartened, I had 2 on the bounce, then conceived the very next month and am currently 16 weeks pregnant.

A big hug and lots of dust to you. Let us know how you go. x
by kris123, Mar 30, 2007
I had the same thing happen to me in Aug 06.  I actually got five postive tests between three days.  I started to spot about three days after the last postive test I took.  When I started to spot, I took another test and it was negtive.  I went to the doctor and they did a blood test and it was negtive.  He told me I more then likely had a chemical pregnancy.  This is where implantion does not take place for some reason.  He says this happens a lot and most women don't even realize that they were pregnant, they mistake this as a late period.  
I guess the best advise I can give is go to the doctor and get a blood test done.  If it were me, I would go buy another test too.  I am sorry you are going through this.
by lynne1276, Mar 30, 2007
I'm sorry to say but the same thing happened to me in Nov.  I had a few positive tests 4 days after my missed period.  Less than a week later I started to spot and eventually bleed.   Sounds like you may have had the same thing.  My doctor said it was a chemical pregnancy.  The good news is I got preg 2 weeks after before I got another period and I am 20weeks today!!!   don't give up.  I know it is emotionally exhausting.  That was my second m/c since August and I thought I would never have kids but I have a healthy baby boy waiting to meet us!   Keep us posted
by jenstam, Mar 30, 2007
Me too )-: I had positives, even on a quantitative blood test. Just for giggles because I had a test left, I took it a few days later and it was negative. I was confused, but thought it was just a bad test. A few hours later, I had a miscarriage. I hope this is not the case for you...keep us posted and good luck.
by jackiej6706, Sep 29, 2007
I just read alot of your comments on these pregnancy tests and I think I had a chemical pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test on Sunday- which was positive and 4 since then which have all been negative.. I have a doctor's appointment to confirm what the heck is going on, but reading all of your posts really helped me ease my nerves!! I thought I was going crazy.. Thanks ladies
by Pilotwife, Nov 19, 2007
Well I think I am having a chemical pregnancy as well, I took a test last Tuesday and it came out positive, I went and bought 2 more and they were the plus or minus ones and they plus was a little faint, so I bought 2 more cheap ones that said pregnant or not pregnant and my first one said not pregnant, so I freaked out and went and bought 2 more of the expensive pregnant or not pregnant ones and I took one and it said pregnant then another that said pregnant. I have been spotting very light the whole time, but tonight 6 days later I took another one and it said not pregnant, so total that 5 positive and 2 negative over a weeks time. The really BAD thing is we already told all our family and close friends. I feel like a total idiot.......
by dreamreader76, Nov 19, 2007
I too had a chemical pregnancy. I had 3 BFPon 10 dpo,  then the next day I started my period early, took 5 more tests and all BFN. I think it happened because my LP was only 9 or 10 days that cycle for some reason.  Its a terrible feeling, soooooooooo close. I just wanted to crawl in bed and hide.  Im so sorry.
My doc told me that chemical pregnancies account for 50% of all pregnancies. And that women will have multiple chem preg in her lifetime. The problem is that what we dont know wont hurt us. Now we DO know because tests are sooo sensative that it will pick it up. So, women are becoming much more aware of these pregnancies.
by JOSY31, Feb 15, 2008

My husband and I had an IUI (intrauterine Insemination)done on feb.1st. I was then feeling strange and decided to take a home pregnancy test on Feb.12th, (2 days before i was expecting my Menstrual Period.) I used the First response kit and it came out positive, i then went to a medical clinic the next day and it was positive, i asked the Medical nurse to re-do it and again it was Positive. I started to get cramps and spotted 2-3 times the next day and decided to go to a different clinic to do another preganancy test, and the test was negative. he sent me for blood work and i am now waiting for the results. From what i am reading it sounds very similar to what some of you ladies have been through or have suggested. I am still very hopefull but i feel a little better knowing that there may be a reason behind it afterall.
Thank-you for sharing your storys and thoughts.
by married08, May 14, 2008
I think this is what happened to me several years ago (chemical pregnancy...had 3 at home positive tests, then 1 negative, then started bleeding the day of the negative test); however, I was too ashamed and paranoid to tell anyone, so I have never told anyone that I was "pregnant".  I am now trying to get pregnant with my new husband and have an upcoming GYN I finally breakdown and tell my provider (who I have been seeing for numerous years) about this past experience and do I really call it a pregnancy and miscarriage?  Please help me because I think this is one thing that is stressing me out and I want to get rid of the stressors.  Thanks.