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Chances of pregnancy
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Chances of pregnancy

Hello. I have had an accident with my girlfriend (we are both 25) by ejaculating inside her. I would like to know what the odds of pregnancy are. We are certainly not ready to have a child.

Her cycles are rather long. She had her last period on the 22nd of October and it lasted till the 27th (5 days). Her last period before that was on September the 13th (so 40 days). She has her period every one month and a week on average (she has 35-40 day cycles), it has been like this for months.

We had unprotected sex on the 31st of October and the accident occurred, so 4 days after the end of her period (9 days into her cycle). We almost never have unprotected sex, this is the first time an accident occurs, I know it was stupid.

I would appreciate if you could tell me what the odds of pregnancy are at this point. Does a longer cycle make it more unlikely or not really? Can a woman ovulate that early? Please provide me with as much information as possible, I want to realistically assess my risk.

Thank you.
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You are still within the window of opportunity to use Plan B.  It can be used up to 96 hours after "the fact".  Although it is more effective if used within 24-48 hours.
You may not be in trouble.  Most women ovulate on cycle day 13 or 14.  Sperm can live in the reproductive tract for up to 3 days.  If you had intercourse on day 9 there could have been sperm surviving long enough to fertilize an egg released on day 12.  Since she has long cycles though, her calculated ovulation day would be cycle day 26, and the sperm would have been long gone by then.
She can start doing pregnancy tests as soon as 10 days after "the event", but I wouldn't expect to see a positive result until she misses her period which should be the end of November.  You two may want to use a less risky method of birth control, such as oral contraceptives.  Also, keep Plan B in mind for those occasional "oopsies".

Good luck!
Dr B
Hi, My name is Mitzi, I was writing because i am trying to get pregnant and i havent had a period in about 5 years, i am 39 years old. I dont know if i have went thru menopause or not. My son passed away April 13th 2008, due to a ATV accident, i am not trying to replace my son because that will never happen. I wont a child to love and care for, to bring happiest back to my life, Until i go home to be with my son again, It would be greatful if you could give me some addvise on how to get my period started back. people have told me there is medication that the doctor's can give you, to make you have a period but not sure ,Thank You,
You have to post a new question to the doctor in order to get a response. Questions posted on other threads are not responded to. ($22) fee for questions posted in the expert forum.  
You should consult a doctor to find out why is your period missing for 5 years.
once that is solved (including checks on your reproductive system) , having a kid should be on the way.
In doing some research myself, i read up that your chances at any given time to fall pregnant are somewhere between 23%-35% even during ovulation. Its uncommon to fall pregnant after such a short time after her period ended. conditions must be perfect for sperm to survive and even then sperm will only survive,at max, 7 days. ovulation occurs 12-14 days into her cycle.the egg will not survive more than 24 hours. 9 days into her cycle + 7 days sperm COULD survive = 16days.. chances are slim she could be pregnant.
Best way to know, go to a doctor.
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