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follicle size
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follicle size

I am undergoing my second IUI with clomid (50 mg). Firts cycle produced two 'good' follicle but did not result in pregnancy. This time the US showed 3 follicles on the right but somewhat small: 2 x 1.21 (mean 1.6), 1.72 x 1.23 (mean 1.47) and 1.7 x 1.1 (mean 1.41). Endometrial lining was 0.74, 0.72 and 0.77. [LH surge occured yesterday].

What are the chances that any of the follicles contains mature egg? What is the minimum size that the follicle that predicts mature egg?
Is it possible that the follicle already ruptured? Whould you see that on vaginal US?
Is the lining a problem ? What is a minimum lining thickness needed for implatation?

Thank you
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I would defer to your REI who is conducting your cycle.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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I know that anything about 18 is good for a folli but Im not familar with how you listed the sizes.  However, you may want to try the infertility forum.  That is where I am and I underwent 2 IUIs.  You might find more helpful answers there.  3 follies is great!  I never knew the exact lining thinkness needed but again, post your question on the infertility forum.  There are many knowledable and supportive women there.

Good luck!
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Thank you.
Yes, I also was told that 18 mm is the target size but I cannot find what is the minimal size that still may carry an egg.
I think that the fertility MD is not aswering the questions, since there are no answers since april. I will look throught the fertility community.
Thanks again
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Sorry but what is a follicle..When i was pregnant with my twins they was doing a US on me and they was talking about a follicle on the screen and it was pretty big..I really dont know what that is and is it anything to be concerned about..I Had a M/C that same week with my twins..
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  This is what I found...
Ovarian follicle is the basic unit of female reproductive biology and is composed of a roughly spherical aggregations of cells found in the ovary.
Hope you are doing well.
Take care,
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