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i want to try for a baby girl
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i want to try for a baby girl

I want another baby but my bf doesn't.. I want my youngest son and baby to b close in age.. my youngest is 9mos old.
I'm suppose to go get bc Thursday but I'm stuck... should I or shouldn't I? I haven't had a period since may when I had an allergic reaction to bc... what should I do?
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Obviously I can't give advice on the subject, only my opinion.
In my experience, it is the female partner who determines the number of children that an given couple will have, since the other alternatives for the male are limited--vasectomy?
abstinence? condoms?
Having said that, I think it is very important for couples to agree on this decision because the ideal type of situation for a child is a stable 2 parent relationship, and I am guessing that you would not want to risk splitting up over the issue.
If you are over 35, I would encourage you to press the issue simply because fertility begins to decline fairly rapidly for the average woman of that age.
If under 35, you have some time to work this out.
By the way, if you haven't had a period since May, you may already have your answer.
I would suggest a pregnancy test as well.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
We had a mc in dec 09 and got pregnant right away n it was a boy... my bf had a mc wit his ex too- we both lost our babies at 5wks..

My question is this... cuz we have a boy n he had 2mc wit in 6mos of eachother is there a chance he can't make girls?
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