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Dating an Impotent Man Who Avoids Addressing the Problem
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Dating an Impotent Man Who Avoids Addressing the Problem

Hi there,
I'm a 27/f who has been dating her 29 y/o boyfriend for a year and a half. Though I had my share of boyfriends in the past, when we started dating my boyfriend was still a virgin, and had only had one girlfriend before me. We hit it off like good friends off the bat, but sex was a different matter. The first time, he got hard, but lost the erection. I told him that it was okay, and that we could do other things... However, our sex seemed to take a nosedive from there. My bf can get hard on his own when masturbating really hard and really fast, and he says he masturbates every night to get to sleep (we live apart). He rarely gets an erection around me. If it does get hard at all, it's soft, and he loses it quickly. I really love sexual intercourse, and it's been painful to go without for this long, although we do try other forms of pleasure - mainly fingers, as he doesn't like giving oral. Foreplay is completely non-existent, since he expects me jump on him and insert right away if he gets even slightly hard - forgive me for being so straightforward, but it's how it is... If I even try to talk about it he gets very defensive, and verbally attacks me if I ask about going to a doctor to find out if there is a possible physical cause. He tells me that he isn't something 'broken' that I need to 'fix' and that I should love him for who he is. I DO love him, and because of that and my attraction towards him, I want to have sex with him - but he doesn't seem to understand that. He just sees that I believe that there is something wrong with him, and he has to 'change' for me, or take drugs for me, which he is not willing to do. He did go to the doctor once, because I persisted, but didn't tell me what became of it - only that there was a blood test ordered, which he never got done. He believes I am selfish for wanting him to see a doctor. We've grown really distant to each other over this topic, and I've cried many a lonely night because we feel so far apart, and not close at all. From the beginning I was very patient and accepting of his idiosyncrasies, because I knew that he had very little experience with women and relationships, but think it may have hurt me in the long run because he thinks that I should just love him without him putting much into the relationship. He is an avid xbox gamer, and stays up to 3 or 4 in the morning playing games, goes to work around (he has very flexible hours), and then complains that he doesn't get enough sleep. He complains that I want to spend time with him because it cuts into his videogame hours, and this is a big sacrifice for him - he mentions this frequently, and very seriously; he believes I'm very ungrateful and needy for wanting to spend time together. We see each other once during the week, and during weekends. He says it's very frequent for him, and wants to cut back. I don't know what to do about the erection problem, or the cold way he treats me. I've tried to be warm/patient, but my eye has started to stray because the patience is wearing thin. Please help.
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You dont mention which country you live in, but I will assume that your boyfriend actually had opportunity for female companionship and simply chose not to (with one exception...) before you came into his life.
For the man to be almost 30, he certainly is immature - in several ways!
There are a few possible reasons for his distance and coldness...
he may be gay and on the down-low (sounds like it to me)
he may have a mental/emotional disorder (like Borderline Personality Disorder, etc)
he may be "not that into you" and is too lazy (or cowardly) to break it off
Whatever it is, you deserve more out of a relationship.
Run - dont walk! - to the nearest exit strategy...if he cared for your feelings he'd try to fix his sexual failings.
FYI, a young man who refuses to have sex with the woman he professes to "be with"...who "doesnt like to give oral"..... who cant maintain an erection throughout the entire relationship & cant be bothered to find out why....who resents his GF wanting to see him once a week (?!).....he's batting for the other team, hon.
You can keep him for a friend, but he'll NEVER be your sexual partner.
wow, swampswan....

i think you nailed everything i was thinking
another WOMAN.....

b/c him not wanting to see you, def sends that signal my way....he doesnt want to see you, cos he already has plans to see another woman....or man either one....

you need a new're not old by any means, and you havent mentioned children, so i'm def assuming there are men out there who'd snatch your a$$, marry you, have kids the whole 9 yards, and STILL want to have sex with go find one!!!!!
my fiance loves his xbox/ps2.....but in when i'm reading or when i was working and wouldnt get home till like an hour or so after he did....and now i'm pregnant, he plays while i'm napping.....etc......but believe me, when i want some, i get some! no doubt about it! and he's not very oral(not since i've been preg haha), but he makes up for it!!!    
I got married and found out  that he was impotent. I mean he still denies it . I left him within a month and till date he denies it. When he courted me he would constantly hold my hand and kiss me on my cheeks but never anything more than that. When we got some time alone (because of my insistence) he would doze off next to me and snore. When I told my friends they were surprised but thought he was one of rare guys who wanted to treat the girl right n stuff like that.
After a week of being married I realized that he was uninterested in sex completely. I knew there was something wrong and confronted him. He said that there was a lot of pressure at work so he was unable to relax. This went on for almost 3 weeks (give or take a couple of days) and the final straw was during our honeymoon. Once we got there (4th week of marriage) he didn't seem interested in sex at all. He made me watch movies at night and could only have an orgasm when he masturbated. He said things like marriage was not about sex it was about love, commitment, responsibilities when I brought up the topic of sex.
He never like kissing and would keep his mouth shut the whole time. He starting grossing me out eventually. He was Weird!! He made weird feminine moaning sounds when he had an orgasm (while masturbating) and seemed like he was in pain if he tried doing it. I am never going back to him
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