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Ok, this is wierd, My sons mom who is supposedly my girlfriend since around 2011, well the last couple of years since 2013 actually, things were pretty normal, But then it suddenly got distant on her part, I would aske her to come hang ...
stilltlrforlife | Last answer
My boyfriend has expressed how much he likes anal sex and how it has been an impotant part of his sex life. The problem is, I have never liked it. It is uncomfortable for me and I don't feel it is necessary. When I tell him that I don...
chattypatti | Last answer
Sorry in advance for the long post and for sounding like a bad shallow person. I'm a 25 year old gay male dating a 29 yr old gay male for a little over 2 years. I don't think I am completely fulfilled sexually. We are good friends and ha...
youngguy800 | Last answer
I have been seperated from my husband for a year and a half. I have made alot of mistakes during my marriage. I realize them now after I have left him. We share a wonderful daughter. We have remained close but we have both moved on. Back...
OhHelpMe | Last answer
I found teen porn on my bf phone. I was so upset I installed spyware on his phone. It is a daily occurrence. Even when I am just brushing my teeth. Should I be worried about my 14 yr old son's friends who are girls? This is freaking me ...
Ymmpurple | Last answer
My girlfriend and I are deciding to move in together, our relationship is great so far we are a long-distance couple about a hour away. We are planning on moving in together around December Im looking for a job over by her right now. We ...
Medman12 | Last comment
Ok never done any of these forum type things before but here goes. My husband has an obsession with anal sex(in my opinion). He loves it and he asks for it all the time(even after we have just done it). We've been together for 5 years...
CuriousGal330 | Last answer
We both work in the same company and I see him every day.. We talk and update both of us every time and take care of each other daily.. We go home together as well.... Relationship is almost 7 months..I love him alot.. He says he likes m...
tttttttttttttt | Last answer
My boyfriend has had a serotonin deficiency since birth. It has put him through so much pain and suffering. He can't love like he wants to. He only feels pain and anger. He loves me, I know he does but being together hurts him. I don't k...
0loveandhope0 | Last answer
I love my girlfriend alot,we have been going out 4 lyk 6 months now.(we 're both university student,she is staying & i m on the school residence). Since we came back from holidays,she is different,not that she doesnt say i love anymore,w...
Sbusiso | Last comment
So, tattoos are pretty popular these days. I'm old, don't have one. :>) Some here may have them or not. So, here is the just for fun question--- if you were to get a tattoo (or if you have one, this is about your NEXT one) . . . w...
specialmom | Last answer
How can I learn to trust my husband after he lied to me straight to my face. Now it is not a huge lie. But always though he was honest with me. Never in a million years would I think he would lie to me. So now. We have been together...
worriedwife81 | Last answer
Okay so i have been w my current bf for a yr and a half...my ex i have a daughter with we have not been together or done nething in almlost 2 yrs..im sooo confused him and i started talking again earlier this week and it has just went ba...
angeleyes11601 | Last answer
I liked this guys who decided to leave me and marry another girl who apparently comes from a well to do family.... During our time together he didn’t treat me well..1-Dispised me, 2-Couldnt introduce me to people because he was ashamed o...
Izela | Last answer
i started to go over my ex bf house to see him, we have a child togeather. He asks me over sometimes but i can't go because i can't leave my 12 year old alone at our house. he doesn't know i moved out of my parents home because he woul...
kris123 | Last answer
Hello all, My name is Adam and I'm 22 years old. I may be young but have been through a lot with relationships. I'm looking for a little help on what I should do with the situation I'm in.... I dated a girl my senior year in high schoo...
Arabih22 | Last answer
i was with this guy for one and half year.. i really love him.. we used to spend really good times togethr.. he used to see me everyday and we return home togethr in his car.. but we have been fighting for a few months now.. and his moth...
nadia470 | Last answer
Hello everyone, This is my first participation on this forum. Thank you for reading me and providing me your advices. Some words have the ability to enlighten the mind and appease the soul. My story may be puerile, my worldview perha...
Kinda8 | Last answer
I have been with my girlfriend over 10 years, about to get married in 6 months. I'm her first bf, we've been together since high school. Now she's a doctor, I dropped out of high school. I worked very hard from a young age and supported ...
Mikeraj90 | Last answer
Somehow my boyfriends tablet learned the words of porn sites as well as words that would suggest he was searching up images of girls. And whenI confront him, he says that he didn't go on it at all. He did towards the beginning of our rel...
Candyapple2000 | Last answer
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