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Crazy SHARP pains with DEEP breaths.......
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Crazy SHARP pains with DEEP breaths.......

Hello everyone, thanks for reading my post!

First off, I'm not sure if I am posting this in the correct section, so if I'm not, I do apologize.

Here goes: This has happened 3 times in the last 3 weeks (Once per week). What is happening is this. Sometimes, out of the blue, when I try to take a deep breath, I get this really sharp pain in my chest (Heart area) that get worse the deeper I breath in.

The pain is really bad, and causes me too breath very shallow until i can eventually take deeper breaths. It lasts for about 30 - 40 minutes and then VOILA.....Completely gone! Very strange!

My background: I am a 30 year old male with a history of smoking. I quit smoking completely 6 months ago (in 3 days) and I have started a exercise program to get back into shape!

The first time this happened (3 weeks ago) I had just finished going on the Elliptical trainer for 45 minutes (It happened about 5-10 minutes after) and kinda got worse when I leaned forward or took a deep breath...About 40 minutes later, I could take a deep breath again and it was like nothing was wrong at all!

The second time it happened was at the gym 3/4 through my weight training session... It caused me to stop working out and go home...Again, it went away about 40 minutes later and I was then completely fine!

****The above two incidents almost lead me to believe that it was because of the gym in some way shape or form, until it happened this third time...Let me explain...****

The 3rd time this happened (Yesterday) I didn't go to the gym at all. In fact, I was at my friends tennis club (Not playing Tennis) and we went in the steam room for about 10 minutes...I took a few deep breaths near the end of being in the Steam Room and went out of the steam room... Almost immediately after leaving the steam room, the pain was there, BAD, and was accompanied by extreme fatigue! Lasted about 45 minutes and then left as quick as it came!  

Does anyone have ANY clue what this is?  Very strange!

I truly do appreciate any input ANYONE may have for me, and thanks again for reading this post!

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This has happened to me on several doctor told me it was from muscle spasms or a "stitch". I do sympathize with you, it hurts like hell to be honest andA breathing gets very hard when it is that knife like painful to take air in. Thankfully, it does go away but is very disturbing whenever it happens.
There are a few things that helps me. I sometimes use a heating pad on the area where the pain is (the location is easy to find as well, it hurts to press on the rib cage when this happens). I find that lying on that side helps as well, it seems to splint the area making it a little less painful. If the pain lingers, I take muscle relaxers along with pain meds (ibuprofen, stronger ones if the pain is very bad)
Another cause for pain in the rib cage is costochondritis, inflammation of the ribs at the junction of the sternum. That pain usually lasts for longer period though.
I would talk to your doctor if this becomes bothersome to you, I hope this helps..
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