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Feeling sick out of breath when i have stuffy nose
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Feeling sick out of breath when i have stuffy nose

Anyone else with Nasal Polyps can maybe help me out?  I should probably mention I use Nasonex (2 sprays each nostril once a day...I do it first thing in the morning because it makes it easier to keep the time constant).

I'm 38 years old overweight male.  It is probably safe to say i have anxiety issues.

I don't know if these feelings I have are because of Nasal Polyps or are even related.  A couple of years I was diagnosed with Nasa Polyps and was given Nasonex.  I didnt start using Nasonex until just before Raweed season last year because at the time it didn't bother me that much i just got used to stuffy noses all the time.  Anyways it was a godsent as that year i didn't have to have any pills or anything else to take care of my allergies and I was without a stuffy nose for that time.

I stopped taking Nasonex but then i think sometime in November i ate something and following eating i remember feeling really really crappy...i thought it was my heart at the time.  i didnt go see any doctors right away and started taking pentoprazole and after a few days i was feeling "normal" again.  a day later i was feeling something at my chest so i went to see a doctor who told me i should continue to use pentoprazole for a month.

I took pentoprazole for a month and never got the symptoms again.  About 2-3 weeks after I was off the medication I had the crappy chest feeling again but this time it didn't last as did get me to start on pentoprazole again.  This time it happened again about 2 weeks into my pentoprazole so thats when I realized that wasn't the issue.  I started taking Nasonex again just in case (i figured maybe may lungs are not getting enough because of my random stuffy noses).

Anyways i stayed on both medications for about two or so months....I get that crappy chest feeling randomly about once a month now.

On top of that at some point during all of this i started to notice I feel sick to my stomach every once in a while when I get a stuffy nose....that seems to happen more often and still happens even after being on nasonex for all that time.  Now it gets to the point that i feel i'm feeling out of breath (i'm thinking either its getting worst or its stress because now i'm expecting this crapy feeling when i get a stuffy nose).

The strange thing though is when this all started to happen i started going on the bike...i worked myself up to the point where i do 30 minutes and usually i have no issues doing 30 minutes (i don't do a crazy workout but i keep a consistent 120 bpm when i workout)...i do find the days i had stuffy noses doing 30 minutes is usually harder...i'm either doing a lot less of a workout or i have to cut short my time...i haven't had enough days where i workout on the same day to be 100% sure though

if i rewind back 3 years ago i had to stop drinking coke as i noticed it hiritated my chest.  i don't know if its related but thought i'd mention it.

i recently had the seasonal flu and i didnt notice the symptoms any worst although as it happened i had been off nasonex for 3 days when i got the flu....about 3 days into the flu when i started to get really really stuffy nose i started to take nasonex again and that seems to have helped.

what else can i say? i have to keep a bottle of water by the bed at night and have had to do that for quite a while...i think that stated maybe 2-3 years ago...i find it helps because i get dry lips a lot (i dont take lip balm and dont want to as i heard you can start to depend on them).

if this is familliar to anyone please let me know...and even if it isnt maybe someone has tips on how i can track things better without giving myself extra anxiety...i also am not good at explaining some of the physical feelings i get and i think that makes it hard to find some sort of solution.

one last thing every once in a while i get this strange feeling in my nose when i breath in..i dont know if a feeling of cold is the right way to say it but during my seasonal flu i noticed if i pushed on my nose where it is there was a small feeling of pain

i have been tested for Ashma before but that was maybe 6 years ago and i was "clean" at the time.
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