Inhaling chlorine and the works toilet cleaner
by fancystitches, Feb 13, 2009
I was cleaning fish aquariam about a week ago and had a little bleach in the botton and the hard water was not comig off so I looked for my lime a way and thought I could use a little of that and it would be nice and clean.   I could not find it so I thought of toilet bowl cleaner (The Works)  what a mistake that was.   I squeezed a little around the top and nothing happened and I went and put the cleaner away and when I walked back over the toilet cleaner had reached the bleached it started to bubble like crazy almost boil.    I smelled the strongest ammonia smell ever.   I have Asthma already.  I opened the window and left to try to catch my breathe.   I had to go back in there a few different times to get rid of the poision gas Ihad just introduced to my home before the kids got home.    I tried to hold my breath but did not work well. I poured out the stuff down the drain and took the aquariam out to the kitchen to try to rinse the aquariam.   Several hours later I had very bad wheezing and could not catch my breath rushed to hospital and gave me 3 albuterol back to back and almost had to tube me.  Admitted to ICU for Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sat after noon reg hospital went home Sunday.   My chest burns really bad and my shoulder and my stomache.  I am on 80 mg presidone right now gonna try to wean me off and onto inhalatins next week.   Doc said it could take 6 weeks to 6 months to over come this.   How do we know if I have permaneantly damaged my llungs?    I was so stupid please do not mix anything together they truly can kill you.     This is a form of Chemical War Fare.
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