Smell of burnt plastic
by gudji1, Feb 07, 2008
For the past 15 months I have started to smell what I can only describe as burnt plastic. This over the past few weeks has got so strong I cannot smell anything else unless I hold it close to my nose. I used Otravine for many years and came off it under doctor control a few month ago. When I cup my hand over my nose the smell is reduced. My doctor has suggested I go to have a nasal endoscope as he could not see or find anything. My breath does not smell and I must say at times it is that strong I have to look for something burning. If you smell a hot TV at the back you can smell what I do. It takes away my quality of life but cannot find anything on the net similar. Can my brain be playing tricks? When it is very bad I feel a little light headed.
John UK
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by FurballsMom, Jul 07, 2009
Perhaps you have some kind of chemical sensitivity.  I don't have as much trouble with phantom smells since I got rid of every personal care product and household cleaner made with manmade chemicals and everything that had any kind of fragrance to it.  There are some natural cleaning recipes on that show you how you can clean your home environment without the waste and expense of the chemical cleaners that people have been led to believe that they can't live without.  There are laundry powders that are unscented and fragrance free plant based products, and there are environmentally sound dish liquids that are also fragrance free.  I have less sinus trouble ever since I got rid of everything chemical in my environment.  It was affecting me in many other ways, too, so I had strong motivation to get rid of the stuff.  Guess what else?  It saves me a lot of money, which is a winner in this kind of economy.
by Robin47302, Oct 09, 2010
What ever came of your smelling burning plastic?  I have been smelling burning rubber now for over a month.  Also having hives.  I had a negative head CT.  I am to see an allergist in a week.  I was told I should have had an MRI instead of a CT.  If the allergist doesn't find anything then I am going to request a referral for an MRI.  Just really concerned because I have read that it could be a brain tumor.  I'm not experiencing any other symptoms.  Is there anyone else that have experienced both of these symptoms?