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Herpes in Groin?
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Herpes in Groin?

Had Herpes Select test done a year ago, 11 or 12 weeks after unprotected vaginal sex. Results: Pos HSV-1; Neg HSV-2.

Since then, no intercourse. A couple of times had genital to genital apposition.

7/31/07 - protected vaginal and oral with a CSW. 5-7 min max. No condom failure


8/9/07 - Morning: check for any signs of anything. All clear. 2 hours later 4 or 5 linear "paper-cut" like fissures left inguinal creases. Follow creases exactly. No redness, blisters, fluid or raised lesions.
8/13/07 Treating with Ammens powder. Almost totally healed (no scabs) go to the Dr.  Says maybe friction or heat related no fungal infection. Slight plaque buildup. I told him about CSW discussed Herpes Told unlikely in the groin even less with condom. Initial herpes almost always=penis not groin. Wait 3-4 months if I want H test. Feel better. Even said yourself in a posting that "in 30+ years in this business, I have never seen a case in which an initial herpes episode involved the groin and not the penis".

9/27/07 - Check for any cuts. All clear. 2 or 3 hours later, there is a single cut about  2MM below a hair follicle, 2 inches below the original cuts, along groin creases. No blister, fluid, some redness and slight swelling. Back to the Ammens and healed in 4 days with no scab.

Checking continues

10/8/07 - All clear. A few hours later, 2 parallel red lines, about 1cm long and a mm apart along the inguinal creases. 1 pencil tip cut but mostly just red. No blister, fluid but red. Get referal to a derm. Appt 11/5. Wanted to wait till 14 weeks for H test.

10/30/07 - Back again, within 2 hours of the last check. Pencil tip sized cut in the creases same appearance as before. Called the Derm Friday is the earlist appt.

Does this seem atypical for herpes?
4 cuts/outbreaks in 90 days?
location and types of cuts?
healing time?
No penis?

Is it possible that I hadn't developed AB's for my test a year ago and I have been asymptomatic?

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This is not a manifestation of herpes that I have seen after more than 30 years of working in the field.  These linear lesions are not typical, the location is wrong and your exposure was low risk.  I cannot comment as to the cause but the frequency with with you are checking suggests that your difficulties may reflect repeated, somewhat vigorous evaluation.  It's been 12 weeks since your exposure.  In this setting a SV blood test would detect over 75% of infections.  My advice:
1.  Stop worrying,this is not herpes.
2.  do not bother to get a blood test
3.  Stop your intense self-examination

Hope this is helpful. EWH
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I wanted to add to my initial posting that in between my cuts/outbreaks, I have never felt entirely normal in the groin area.

I constantly check my groin area because I have the constant feeling that something is burning or cut down there. Obviously, most times, I find nothing but it is almost like a constant "prodome" experience.

Could this be from the constant checking? Could it be something else?

Thank you for any advise you can give.
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anxiety driven pain. You don't have herpes!! Move one and worry about something that needs worrying like the ulcer you're giving yourself worrying about herpes that you don't have
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