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Pink Eye and Chlamydia
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Pink Eye and Chlamydia

I'm so very confused now.  

17 days ago, received about 2 mins. of unprotected oral from csw.  I then did oral to her for about 1 min.  Then, protected sex.  I am a male.  She was very adamant about using a condom when penetration occurred AND, after the brief oral.  I was drunk, and think the condom was intact the whole time.  The way she was acting, a condom was important to her.

Symptoms:  I think, mild burning, though on and off.  Irritation at tip of penis on and off.  Sometimes I feel like my urethra is burning even when I'm just sitting there, but this could be due to anxiety.  

I haven't seen a white discharge, BUT, maybe a clear one today.  I see fluid (clear) in the urethra when I pull open the opening   if anything, discharge has been unnoticeable.  AND, I HAVE OFTEN had prostate (semen like) discharge upon bowel movement.  I've had this prior to today and nearly every time when bowel movement. So, that leaves me confused as to if I've ever had a discharge.

BUT, today, am having pink eye like symptoms.  I know you said it's rare, but I looked on line today and apparently, many think pink eye caused by Chlamydia is common.  I know it's pink eye because of "heavy" eyelids, crusting and blurry.  It started in one and is now in both.  

What makes this hard, is that I've divorced with kids and one recently had pink eye.  So, you can see my confusion.  Was it that, or possible Chlamydia?

So, do you think I have Chlamydia?  

I don’t have a lot of money, so I can't really afford a lot of testing.

Would the discharge occur spontaneously?  Is it clear, or cloudy?  Is it white?  Is mild tingling even when not needing to go a sign?  Is the burning very painful?  We used a condom.  Is it possible to still contract it from her via her doing oral or me on her and then protected sex?  Does the pink eye and time of exposure and possible slight discharge today lead to the conclusion of chlamydia?

Please lend your expertise?  Thank you.  
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Chlamydial eye infections (trachoma) are common childhood illnesses in developing nations but they are spread by flies landing on people’s eyes, not by sex.  In adults the only chlamydial eye infections I am aware of, no matter what you find over the internet, are laboratory acquired infections due to lab errors.  I suspect your pink eye is co-incidence rather than chlamydial eye infection and doubt that it is cause for concern.  You probably caught your child's pink eye which is a highly contagious viral infection.

On the other hand, your urethral discharge is cause for concern.  While it is well described for bowel movements to sometimes express prostatitic fluid during bowel movements in men, burning on urination is not.  You may well have acquired non-gonococcal urethritis from the exposure you describe.  This is probably not chlamydial in nature as chlamydia is just about never caught from oral sex and your genital exposure was protected.   Inoculation of mouth bacterial during oral sex is not uncommon and is readily treated.  Thus, to summarize,  I am worried about non-chlamydial NGU.  You should go to your local STD clinic for testing and, if appropriate, therapy.  The evaluation you receive there will be more reliable if you have not voided for at least an hour before you are seen in the clinic as the tests they perform for white blood cells will be more reliable if you have not voided.

Hope this helps.  EWH
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Thank you.  I respect your expertise and wonder why mostly every website I saw (including those focused on ocular issue) said that std related pink eye is very common.  If this wasn't so common, I'd expect sites like Planned Parenthood, CDC, etc. to not even mention it.  Really scared me to read it over and over this morning.  Do they do this just to cover all bases?

The problem with the burning while urination is that I'm not always sure it's there.  Is this supposed to be a heavy burning or is light possible?  Does it come and go?

And, in terms of the bowel movement and discharge, this has occurred much prior to my possible exposure.  IN fact, it was nearly all of the time.

So, do you think that my odds of chlamydia are low?  Does NGU really cause a discharge that mimics chlamydia?  

And - should one typically see moisture when inspecting the urethal opening?   And, does NGU transmit through oral?

Thank you.  I do appreciate you helping me here.  I need answers before a panic attack!
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Regarding other web sites, they tend to be conservative and do not give individualized feedback.

Intermittent burning deserves evaluation.  Why take the chance?  I realize that you saw the secretions before the expsoure and that may well not be abnormal but the burning warrants evaluation.  It is not unusual to see moisture at the opening of your urethra.

As I said, given your history, odds of chlamydia are quite low but non-chlamydial NGU is a possibility which I have advised you to have evaluated.. EWH
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