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Please assess my risk
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Please assess my risk

Hello doctor,
Here is my scenario,
Uncircumcised male visited a low grade brothel based csw in india.
Engaged in protected vaginal sex for less than a minute.No oral/kissing what so ever.but in the process kissed her cheeks and sucked her nipples(that too for less than a minute).
On withdrawal found semen inside condom,but not all part of the penile shaft was covered.
6 weeks has passed and no open sores/blisters/lesions are there in my genital area.
Given the brevity of the sexual act what all std risk am i in?
What all std do i need to be tested for?

For additional information i had fever(ranging from 98.8 to 99.4 degree F) starting from 4th day which lasted until 10th day.the fever used to come in the evening and used to stay for 5 hour or so.
I visited a venereologist on day 24th and he examined my genital area and wrote no vesicle/no ulcer seen.
Also i have a small acne type pimple on my nose. can it be due to hsv1?
Welcome to the forum.  I agree with the accurate replies you had (repeatedly) in two threads on the community forum.

On of your follow-up questions on the other forum was "When the head of the penis is covered does it necessarily cover the inner foreskin part as well that is "susceptible" to the virus?"  As you were told, the answer is yes -- both to this question and a whole bunch of others, almost all of which resulted from your continued obsession and thinking up rather outlandish "what if" scenarios.  The central fact is that the head of your penis (which had to include the entire foreskin) was completely covered during the sexual exposure.  That's all that matters.

Further, your symptoms certainly do not suggest any STD, or any other infection from the sexual exposure you are so anxious about.  That includes the pimple on your nose.  I have no way of knowing whether it might actually be herpes -- but if so, it has nothing to do with your adventure with the sex worker.

Finally, you have been examined by an STD specialist who found nothing wrong and reassured you.  Since in-person professional assessment if much more reliable than anything a distant expert can offer, that also is my opinion.  I see no need for any lab tests, but if you need the additional reassurance of negative test results, I suggest you return to the STD specialist and ask about testing for common STDs (gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV).

Regards--  HHH, MD
Doctor thanks for the reassurance,
Sorry for being hypochondriac,this was my only sexual exposure till date.
Given the lack of symptom for herpes and syphilis do you consider me home free? or do i need to be tested for it?
further more i was browsing through the forum and found yourself telling someone who had somewhat similar risk like me, that the risk of contracting HPV from  a single scenario (including the brevity of exposure+ protected sex) is  literally lower than getting hit by lightning.
is it true for my scenario too?
I am asking because I want to get myself vaccinated for HPV,and will be engaging in monogamous relationship hence after,without any fear of infecting her.
Do you think is there any need to be tested for hepatitis (or was there any risk for it) ?
I am also considering getting myself vaccinated for HEP B.
Thank you in advance.
I never recommend testing for herpes or hepatitis after only a single sexual exposure, certainly not when there are no symptoms.  You're talking about 1 chance in many thousand.

I haven't changed my mind about HPV risk after such a brief, condom-protected exposure.

Everybody should be immunized against hepatitis B, and I would emphasize it even more strongly for India than in most countries. But this has nothing to do with the sexual exposure you describe.

Please try to get an objective handle on STD risks.  You can't expect to run out and be tested, or to ask advice of the sort that has dominated your life on MedHelp for a few weeks, every time you have a new sexual exposure or partnership, especially condom-protected sex.

That should wind up this thread. Take care and stop over-thinking this event.
Doctor that sounds reasonable.
So to put it all in a nutshell,
I have a virtually zero risk of all std/sti from this exposure and from medical point of view I do not need testing at all right?

Can I be sure that viral hepatitis cannot be spread through protected sex, or the risk is too low or insignificant to be regarded as zero?

Do you recommend testing for syphilis given the lack of symptom?

Please answer these question and feel free to close this thread.

I will get vaccinated for both HEP B and HPV in the following month.

Thanks for the good advice. Take care
You correctly understand.
Thanks doctor you are truly an angel.I am glad that person like you are helping mankind so much.
Doctor Please don't be irritated but please do i really need testing ?I am getting married soon.Hope you understand and just answer me in one monosyllable (Y/N). Am i risk free given my circumstance?

I see no reason to keep repeating myself.  I already said this was a risk-free exposure and that "I see no need for any lab tests", but that you are free to be tested if you would feel more confident with negative lab results in addition to my advice.  I haven't changed my mind.

This thread is over.  Try to move on.
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