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Staphylococcus and Streptococcus ??????
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Staphylococcus and Streptococcus ??????

Hello Dr. Hook,

unfortunately i am back again with some additional questions.

My rheumatologist seems to think, that my ongoing joint pains, can have
something to do with the sexual exposure i described in my last posts.

He refered me to Dermatologist for reevaluation.

She took some samples from my Urethra and send it for testing.

The following things came positive from the culture:

*Candida albicans - She prescribed me a creme - which she said should take care of it.

*Staphylococcus haemolyticus (infrequent/occasional - I don't know what the exact term is)

*Streptococcus thoraltensis ( infrequent/occasional) - The doctor said - these two bactreria do not need to be treated since they are only infrequently found and are normal, but i googled it and found the following:

"Streptococcus thoraltensis
Cultures of this species were recovered from the intestinal tracts of swine.
Identification of this species from humans has not been documented. "

1. How could i have gotten this - i certanly do not have any contact to any kind of animals ? What do you think do i need treatement for the Streptococcus thoraltensis or is it a normal when it is infrequently found?

2. Does any of these infections could cause joint pain as a complication if untreated?

3. I tested for chlamydia thrachomatis igg one year after the exposure and it came out with titre 1:16 ( Negative), does this rule out LGV? What about Chancroid and Donovanosis ?

4. Around the time the joint pains started a small painless lump apeared on my testicle - Urologist did ultrasound - which was clear. The urologist didn't think it was an infection and did some tests for cancer and CBC - all came ok.
He gave me though Doxycycline for 10 days and after i finished the medications the lump was gone - but he wasn't sure if it gone on its own or because of the doxycycline. Can this lump be somehow connected to the joint pains ?

Many thanks for your help.
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Welcome back to the Forum. I can't add much to what the rheumatologist has done.  It sounds like he/she is looking for something other than STD-related problems and I would agree with this.  The organisms that you describe- Candida, staph, streps- are normally present on people’s skin and their presence does not necessarily mean that they are the cause of what is going on or that treatment will change the joint pains or rash that you are experiencing.

Your test does effectively rule out LGV and LGV, like both chancroid and donavanosis do not fit your clinical picture and are incredibly rare

As this evolves and you are tested more and more for STDs, other than your unfortunate acquisition of HSV-1, there is little to suggest other STD or that the other problems you have noted (joint pains, etc) are due to your encounter with the CSW.  I'm pleased to hear that you have an ongoing relationship with a rheumatologist and that he/she is looking broadly for the cause of your joint pains.  I suspect that they are not in any way related to your sexual encounter of concern and are coincidental.  Stick with them. Often it takes more than one evaluation and several tries to sort these things out. EWH
Thanks again for your comments Dr. Hook,

just to clarify - this special type of Streptococcus is nothing to be concerned of ? That worried me a little bit that "Identification of this species from humans has not been documented" :)

You are right the rheumatologist is doing a lot of other tests and i hope the cause will come out soon.
Correct, this is just one of many species of Strep. they are normally present on the skin.  Stick withthe Rheumatologist and please let us know what evolves. EWH
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