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Ureaplasma Infection

I have been married for nearly 3 years now and recently I was diagnosed with Ureaplasma. My husband and I have been faithful to each other and so from what I have been reading, I am unsure of how I got this STD, if it is that at all. A couple of months ago prior to being diagnosed with having this infection/disease, I was hospitalised and then diagnosed with having IBS/Lactose Intollerance. While in hospital, I got my period again after having my last period about a week before that(At that time, I was on the Pill: Yasmin). A month or so after that, I started spotting a day or so before my period and then my period came and it was normal. Last month I started spotting and this time the spotting never went away which is when I consulted my Dr. She then did several hormonal tests and they all came back as negative accept for having high stress levels and then she changed my pill to Melodine which after a while, it seems to have stopped the spotting. During that time of consulting with my Dr, I also mentioned to her that I was itching around the clitoris area and the discharge was quite a bit. She did several tests again and found that I had lichen sclerosis. She gave me a cream to use for that and she did more tests because of the discharge. She then found that I had a Ureaplasma infection and gave me a prescription for Diflucan and Flagyl. She told me that I was to take this once only when the symptoms reappear and she gave me 6 repeats. She said that this was chronic and that my husband need not be tested or treated especially if he doesn't have the symptoms. It doesn't seem as if she is clear about this disease and couldn't give me more information and said that it was also possible that the infection was the cause to my constant bleeding.

From what I have been reading on the net, the treatment for this is totally different to what she has given me and also the fact that I take this once only and wait for symptoms to return is rather concerning. I am not sure if I should go for a second opinion on this but would like to have some input and more information on this STD before going anywhere else.
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This is a post from Dr.HHH on this site to another woman who asked about the same thing. His explaination is the best I can give you and I hope that it helps.

Here is the link to the full conversation:

You're right, most clinics and doctors don't test for Ureaplasma, and for good reason.  It really isn't all that controversial among real STD experts.  The bottom line is that all sexually active persons get Ureaplasma at one time or another; routine testing would simply pick up people carrying the organism, which rarely if ever causes disease.  Therefore it isn't recommended by CDC or other STD experts and is done by few physicians in this country.  Look at it as part of the normal bacteria that normal people carry.  Since it's in the genitals (vagina, urethra) the organism indeed can be transmitted sexually.

That's the simple view.  Things are always more complex.  Newer research suggests that some Ureplasma strains may be more likely to cause real disease than others.  However, no test done by routine labs distinguishes the "good" vs "bad" strains.  In addition, even with the "bad" strains, actual disease has only been found in men, in whom Ureaplasma may sometimes cause nongonococcal urethritis (NGU); no important health problems are known to occur from Ureaplasma in women.

Bottom line:  No real STD experts in the U.S. routinely test for Ureaplasma; and if we think it is present, no treatment is prescibed.  There is some difference of opinion in different countries.  For example, if you are in Spain, you're more likely to run into docs who look at Ureaplasma more seriously than I do.

With that as background, you need do nothing about your partner--indeed I fear you have done too much already, all of it unnecessary.  In he gets symptoms, in particular NGU (the main symptom would be urethral discharge), he should seek treatment.  Otherwise, skip the antibiotics and condoms and enjoy each other
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