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fear of STD and transmitting to wife
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fear of STD and transmitting to wife

33 male. Monogamous w/ wife 8 yrs. Month ago: drunk unprotected sex with stranger: 23 from Toronto / nothing visibly unclean about genitals / said had been in exclusive relationship 7 years / never been diagnosed with STD before. Have never noticed irregular genital symptoms in the time I've been with my wife.

2 days after: frequent urination & bloated.
Tested negative for STDs 3 days after (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hep B +C, HIV, Herpes, Syphillis (syphilis), HIV).

Since test –
Extreme guilt, fear, depression, fatigue and hopelessness. Definite physical symptoms: frequent urination, bloated, stomach discomfort, slight testes discomfort, periodic itchy penis, visible red irritation at the opening of my penis vertically to foreskin, visible WBC in my urine (confirmed w/ over counter test) no odor, mild urethra discomfort & recent sore throat with white spots. Peak = 2 1/2 weeks. Still have the irritated tip, mild itch & frequent urination. Also noticed the head of penis is sensitive and appears blotchy - pale and flesh color. This doesn't seem to be a rash but cannot tell if raised for genital warts. Nothing crusty / rough to the touch or "moist" like I have read about. Visually, the blotchiness makes my penis head look lumpy to me, but as I said cannot really determine anything is raised. I don't want to stare too long but also do not want to dismiss either.

Wife: HPV in past -cervix cells
Getting conclusive 2nd test tomorrow.

1. Does itchy / blotchy penis sound like pre-emerging warts / HPV?
2. Can I infect wife with anything by sharing a bed and a household goods?
3. Are there tests for male HPV?
4. Does my situation indicate any "classic" psychosomatic issues or "classic" STD absolutes?
5. If I test positive for any, can I seek treatment / prescriptions from state health clinics or only by GP?
6. Are there any STDs that I have not mentioned that I should be tested for by my GP?
7. How common are non-STD infections with symptoms I mentioned? OR is there such a thing?

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You describe a partner at virtually no risk of STD and you describe no symptoms that suggest STD.  Given that fact plus the negative STD tests, you can be 100% certain your symptoms are not due to an STD.  They probably have nothing to do with the sexual encounter you describe, except for the obvious possible connection through anxiety and guilt.  Your statement that your physical symptoms are "definite" implies you believe that somehow anxiety and guilt cannot be responsible for them. That is wrong.  The symptoms that accompany emotional stresses are every bit as "real" and "physical" as those due to infection or injury.  Further, you desribe absolutely classical symptoms of genitally focused anxiety.  To the specific questions:

1) No STD, including HPV, causes itching or a "blotchy" appearance of the penis. You might be simply noticing natural variations that previously didn't seem important. Show it to your provider to be sure.

2) They call them STDs because you have to have sex to transmit them (duh).  No STDs are ever transmitted by nonsexual contact.

3) There are no tests for HPV in men.

4) No "absolutes" about anything.  But as I said above, your symptoms certainly are classical for genitally focused anxiety.

5) Your primary care provider is the best bet.  Your local health department STD clinic also would be an option.  But you can be sure that all your STD tests will be negative.

6) There is no need for additional testing.

7) Almost certainly no infection is responsible for your symptoms.

Regards--  HHH, MD
Thank you doc.
Very appreciated.

Going through with 2nd test anyway -was told that 3 days after may have been too soon to detect anything first time around. I know from comments that the girl I had sex with was not from the best background.

I have read much online about HPV infections rising and that is my biggest fear since some strains cause genital warts. Can visible WBC in urine really be manifest by genitally focused anxiety? I trust you -just surprised.

It is common to have a few "visible WBC" in urine.  The number of WBC is more important than whether or not a few can be seen.  As I said, you can be confident you have no STD.  A prostate gland problem (not sexually acquired) might explain some of your symptoms and WBC in urine.  You'll need to ask your personal provider about his suspicions.

HPV is not a possible explanation for your symptoms.  I can't say you didn't catch HPV, since it probably is just about the most common STD.  But the large majority of infections don't cause warts or anything else and remain entirely asymptomatic; most HPV infections remain silent and have no significant health implications either for infected men and their wives.  This isn't worthy any worry.

Please address any further questions to the health care provider you are seeing.
Thank you for answering my follow up STI concern.

I did have very significant / obvious WBC (1 day in particular was very troubling in size and count). I will look into, but may also post a new ? to you depending on what I find out.
Do not start a new thread, which would be deleted without response.  If an STD shows up on testing , let us know.  Otherwise this forum has nothing more to offer you and you should follow up with your own doc.  The forum is not a substitute for proper medical care.
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