Diet changes and MS
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This is a group for anyone who is currently living in limbo land with a neurological disorder but doesn't have a diagnosis. Many people are living with chronic and disabling neurological problems which mirror such diseases as multiple sclerosis, lupus, M.E., Fibromyalgia, Lymes disease, Vitimin D deficiency, Migraines, Parkinsons yet have no diagnosis and are left to literally struggle on alone. I have set up this group to help support people through their journey, whether its just for a moan, sharing a joke, experiences, advise on how to survive just plain anything. I know there are a lot of us out there. Anyone who feels lost, or needs to share or just wants a big hug please join, there will always be someone to give you support. OUR MOTTO IS: "we are still all in this matter what point of our journey we are in...limbo, dx. or just joining...we are all here for a seek support, make a friend and find answers..."

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Diet changes and MS

Hi all, it's been awhile since I posted. I haven't been feeling as well and a lot of personal changes going on - moving, new job, etc.

I am going to make this short but I saw a Naturopath MD that is part of my MS Specialist team. He put me on a diet and supplement program. It's phase 1 which started with:

1) reduce dairy (less than 16 oz a day) non-fat if you drink it.
2) no sugar in the morning and only with protein.
3) no red meat - not even dark meat - for 1 year then I can re-introduce.
4) increase vitamin d, omega 3's, multivitamin, probiotics and pancreatic enzymes. I start with 1000mg of Omega and work up to 5000.
5) high protein, low dairy

Essentially the Swank diet

The changes made so far are all the above but I think the thing that is most noticeable is not having sugar. I swear to you my vision has improved two-fold and I feel much better!!!

He rans a bunch of tests - celiac, b12, vit D and a special genetic test for folate issues. He supsects I'll be on B12 and Vit D for quite some time.

I am passing this along as if you haven't tried treating yourself this way, I'd highly recommed seeking out a Naturopathic MD. My vision hasn't been this good since steroids. :)
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Hey Barb,
Thanks so much for sharing this info with all of us here.:0)

Being in limbo here,we need all the advice and encouragement we can get until we get ourselves better or we get dx'd.:{

I've been doing gluten/wheat free due to testing positive to celiac tests and taking Dermotrophin for leaky gut caused from this.  I'm getting use to this way of eating or at least it seems to be getting easier, sort of.
Also, Maria had sent me a copy of MS Recov.Diet and I'm trying to follow it too.  Cutting back on dairy prods etc.  I actually enjoy almond milk!

I'm sorry you have been going thru so much yourself.  It is good to hear that you are finally getting some relief and good results and with your vision improving that is great.Praise God!
I know you had changed jobs some months ago.How is that going?

Thanks again for keeping us updated.
I will continue to lift you in prayer and wishing you healthier days ahead.:)

Hugs and blessings,
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Hi yay!

Good for you!

i am glad you are seeing improvements with thsi

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Hi tammy - I will be quiting my new job with this move since it's 3 hours away. I am thankful for the ability to do so. I am hoping it will help.

I think the likely culprit to the improvement is eliminating excess sugar from my diet. I am seeing a reaction when I've over-done it on sugar. Kinda weird. I will talk to him about this when I see him next.

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It sounds like your naturopath is a good one.  And your posts are further reminders to me that I really need to eliminate sugar from my diet. The more I read to understand overall health, the more I am convinced that there is something about our modern society that is seriously messing with our immune systems.

Autoimmune disorders, cancer, autism, ADHD, and even late stage Lyme infections are all related to a malfunctioning immune system. And while doctors have figured put that Vitamins C & D (and possibly A, too) are critical to healthy immune function, I am starting to believe that the absence of sugar is, too.  

So many people have said they feel noticeably better when they cut out sugar, which is a daunting prospect for me. I love sweets, and have a great deal of difficulty resisting a little sweet fix. But I think even a little fix is messing with my metabolism.

I need to watch that UCSF professor's video again to motivate me. He is the one who says sugar is poison.  If you want to see it, just check YouTube for Dr. Listing at UCSF.

Thanks for the encouragement!
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Oops...bad autocorrect!  That is Dr. Lustig at UCSF.
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