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Nsu for 6 weeks
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Nsu for 6 weeks

Hi, back in early Jan, I noticed I had a swollen pubic area and penis, with irritation when I urinated. I assumed it was a yeast infection and went to my GP, who didn't check me out and assumed I had thrush. Took a week of flucanazole and used canesten.

The canesten cream harshly burnt my glans (glands) and the symptoms persisted after 2-3 weeks of seeing my GP. So I went to my local GUM clinic, tested and diagnosed with NSU and was given Azithromycin. During the next week i experienced the most discomfort yet, mainly in my urethra. It wasnt just burning when i urinated, but I also couldn't move my penis without it hurting. I could actually feel where it was attached to my bladder inside. That died down after that week though, but I still had pain, especially when erect, like it's squeezing on my urethra in the middle section.

Also at the beginning, I had a lot of pain in my testicles, which has died down mostly. I also had pain in my perineum area which has also died down.

I ended up going to another clinic after talking to a nurse who said a full blown yeast infection was unlikely. I was tested and they said I had no NSU or any other stds. Beforehand, I had masturbated and my penis became easily bruised, with soft swelling on the shaft and in the foreskin, and the veins also seemed quite agitated. The doctor just said it was trauma, but I was confused as my penis reacted badly to normal masturbation, not heavy or anything, and I'd barely been masturbating because of the pain involved. Also at this point, I got pain around the base of my penis at the front, that felt almost strained/bruised.

5 weeks - The urethral discomfort continued and I went back to the original clinic. They tested me and I still showed no signs of infection. The doctor told me to not masturbate for three weeks. At this point i hadnt masturbated for a week already. Unfortunately I'm finding it quite hard to masturbate after a week or so and I masturbated this morning. The pain to the touch on my urethra is dying down, but it still burns when I urinate and it seems like ejaculation has probably aggravated the burning feeling somewhat.

I'm really just looking for reassurance. I've been very down and am finding sleeping hard. I'm still seeing the girl who I contracted nsu off, and I'm afraid of losing her because of it. I have a lot of strange mixed feelings about the situation. Sometimes I don't feel like a man because of my inability to perform at the moment. I've worried (most likely irrationally) about never returning to 100%, because it's been so long.

My question is, (I'm going to try my best not to masturbate for at least the next 2 weeks) since my nsu is gradually getting better, that I must be healing slowly? I know that most men don't experience as bad a pain as I did so it must have been a fairly severe infection, which must take some time to die down?

I read about men on here who have chronic problems, and this scares me quite badly, is the fact that my symptoms are a lot better since treatment a good sign even though it's been nearly 6 weeks?

It seems to be that the pain in the middle section (to the touch and with erection) is dying down. To me, it feels like it hurt the most where I was holding when I was masturbating, do you think that is a possible cause of the pain?

Also, how long will the bruising and my slightly swollen foreskin take to go down? It's been a week and 3 days since I masturbated a bruised area ( I used my frenulum to climax since my penis is very sensitive because I've barely been able to masturbate).

What do you think about this unusual mix of symptoms? All of which are dying down, most of the swelling in my pubic area is gone.

Thanks, Ben
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It's sort of like picking at a scab...the more you pick at it, the longer it takes to heal...which is what your doctor is getting at.

Of course it's impossible not to touch do need to urinate, but masturbating will definitely make it take longer to heal.
Thankyou for your reply. I've been very down with all of this stuff, but to be fair I've only ever given myself a week or so without masturbating and I've only managed that once or twice, three times maximum.

Unfortunately, the girl I was seeing split up with me, to cap off this awful part of my life. But I think I can find some solace in your answers.

So do you think that the fact my condition has markedly improved since my treatment is a good sign that this isn't a chronic case?

Also do you think that three weeks of not masturbating will give me the chance to mostly heal from this? This will make me sound foolish, but before I had this condition, I masturbated daily and in the 6 weeks I've had this, I must have masturbated nearly 20 times. I was never hard on myself but I'm assuming the force of ejaculation must be what isn't letting the soreness subside?

Is there any other advice you can give me?

Thanks, Ben
Here's an update for anyone who stumbles across this post and is looking for answers like I have been.

During the last week and a half I've left myself alone. I bought the supplement bromelain, which is used to treat inflammation. I also take omega oil and saw palmetto which are known to have effects on inflammation and urinary tract problems respectively. On top of this I take ibuprofen, which you're advised not to do when taking other anti-inflammatories, This doesn't seem to have had an effect, I cut myself shaving and my blood seemed to clot fine.

During this week I've recovered the most compared to any other week that I've had this problem. I can put this down to two things; I think the bromelain has definitely helped, and I've somewhat changed my mental attitude towards the situation. Your mind and body are greatly linked, so I tell myself that I'm healing, which I am, albeit slower than I'd like.

The strange swelling persists, I believe it to be a lymph problem, as there is what appears to be a large flesh coloured vein that runs next to the dorsal vein in my penis. It's made it that the vein often doesn't sit in the middle anymore, it seems to move over this other 'vein' quite often, from daily movement etc. My penis seems to be generally sensitive, like it's bruised under the surface, I don't really know why this has happened at all, and haven't had any explanation why from any doctor. I still have large discoloured veins that were definitely not there before hand, and they're sensitive too.

My testicle pain never fully disappeared, it's an aching to the touch. The sensitivity seems to be coming from the back of the testicle, I don't know what's connected there, but that seems to still be inflamed.

My urethra is still quite sensitive to pressure, mainly just below the glans (glands). It seems to be dying down and the areas that it is mostly sensitive in are getting smaller. It's more localised to the glans (glands) now. I drink plenty of filtered water and when I urinate, it feels almost normal, but I don't drink anything other than that.

I left cranberry juice and caps, personally I don't know if they do any good unless you have an infection.

All in all it seems like I'm slowly healing from the worse infection than most guys have. I'm at 7 and a half weeks since treatment. I can't lie, I'm fed up with it all, ended up going to have a word with a counsellor and many in my position might need to do that too. Mainly due to the fact that you don't realise how something like this will affect you until it happens.

But my point is to offer hope to some people who have suffered for weeks with this thing. We're not in our abundance, most are lucky enough not to have symptoms, or for it to be fully gone within three weeks max, I've had a tough time with it, but it's showing signs that it should be mostly gone if I give myself a full three weeks to a month off.

Just remember that your body has amazing powers of healing. That being said, don't ignore symptoms, I'm thinking of going back if the testicle pain persists. Although the doctors have examined my testicles and told me they're not concerned, I know something isn't quite normal.

I'll give another update within a week or two. As most who have had help on here should really do, rather than healing and letting people read unfinished stories. I understand that people come here for relief, and it can often just breed more anxiety. Try to live your life as if you weren't afraid or obsessed with your penis. It's hard in a world that's obsessed with sex. I, like most guys, used to masturbate very regularly, so it's a shock when you have to leave yourself alone for a while.

Anyway, if anyone has had similar problems and they resolved, or is having them at the moment, feel free to message me and I'll get back to you.
Glad you're starting on the healing process.
Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner, have had a busy month.
That's some really good advice you're giving to others there.

Update - 10 weeks

About two weeks ago, I went back to the clinic because I was still nowhere near right.

Before they tested me for infection again, the doctor offered me a course of antibiotics just in case and I said I'd like to take them. This was on the note that I hadn't been showing signs of infection. They tested me and this time, white blood cells were present. I was given a week's worth of doxycycline, which I finished last tuesday.

Whilst taking the antibiotics I felt like my urethritis improved, but it's hard to tell really. This is mainly because I only drink water - the irritation isn't terrible when Ive been drinking plenty of it. That being said, I'm still far from being right. It's possible that the white blood cells were just a sign of irritation from the original infection. What was funny is that the health advisor tried to palm it off as not being sexually transmitted, which I think is utter rubbish because of the symptoms that I've described, which occurred  within weeks of unprotected sex.

I have an appointment with the head doctor at the clinic who will most likely refer me to a urologist.

I'm hoping to get some proper help for this soon. The bits of swelling on my penis are still there, coming up after showers/ masturbation. My penis is still discoloured/ slightly painful and I still have unexplained large veins. Annoyingly, my glans (glands) is still 'burnt' from the thrush cream. I use emollient on it and hopefully it'll be back to normal in a few months. I've read about guys having trouble healing after adverse reactions to thrush cream.

It still hurts to ejaculate. In fact, my urethritis gets fairly worse for a day or two afterwards.

I'm not sure, but I may have discomfort in my prostate area, occasionally it feels uncomfortable when I've been sitting for a while.

Really getting sick of this now. I barely had a sex life before this and was disatisfied, but this has led to the most frustrating time of my life.

They don't really seem to know what's going on with me. One doctor at another clinic told me
I had trauma to my penis, that it was just bruised, almost certain he was wrong, because the swelling came about after this infection. Another has told the girl I believe I contracted it off, that I had the infection before and could have given it to her. I'd only slept with one girl before her, three years prior and she was a virgin, so there's pretty much no chance of that. I don't have that much faith in the medical world now. I've looked at a homeopath and I may go with him depending on what happens with my situation/ seeing a urologist.

My testicles are still sensitive. Me and my mates were kicking a football about and it hit me softly in the groin. It was aching pretty much all day afterwards.

To end on the only note I can keep positive on: it's better than it has been. I seem to be noticing slow improvement, it's better than it was before and continues to be so. Perhaps this means that I'll be rid of this after a couple more months.

Just a note of supplements I've been having: still taking saw palmetto, but I'm going to stop that after this bottle runs out because it inhibits testosterone being converted into DHT, the male sex hormone. Ive stopped taking bromelain and I don't even take ibuprofen, which means I take no anti inflamotories aside from saw palmetto. If you take supplements such as magnesium, zinc and calcium with meals, it's more likely to make your urine less acidic and therefore, hurt less.

Hope I'll be able to tell you I'm better soon. No clue when I'll be sorted, I get the feeling it's going to be a gradual process over the next couple of months.

I'll keep updating this thread as I promised. Any questions, thoughts or advice are more than welcome.
Also I've read that cranberry is actually awful for infections. Bacteria such as e coli thrive in acidic environments and make their cell walls thicker, inhibiting the effectiveness of antibiotics. Drinking it/ taking the caps can provide temporary relief by killing off weak bacteria but can make things worse in many cases. Regardless of whether this is true, you don't really want acidic urine when your urethra is inflamed. Most fruit, high in potassium converts to alkaline in the body, same with veg. So instead of taking vit c, I eat a couple of oranges now and again, so I don't just pee out the acidic vitamin. Bananas are the best in my opinion, not too sweet if you're worried about citrus, eat one now and again.
Here I am, around 4 months since my first treatment and I'm still having problems. Discolouration/bruising/slight swelling still present. Sometimes burns and gets irritated horribly after ejaculation.

I went to the homeopath and he gave me something that I've been taking for around a week and it seems like it might be helping. The urethritis isn't as bad as it was, but can be at times. Pain to the touch is almost gone if my urethra isn't already irritated from urine etc.

I have left myself alone for a couple of weeks once, so that could have helped. Long story short - it's still gradually getting better.

My skin is still in a state from the cream too, but that's slightly better too. Maybe another couple of months and I'll be pretty much normal again.

5/6 months. Still not right.

Went to a private std clinic for more tests which turned up negative, but they treated me anyway. Not sure if it's helping things.

My veins are quite sore and are still inflamed. I think I might have something viral since antibiotics don't help. There's tiny red capillaries in my glans (glands) and my foreskin is quite red in places, esp. around the veins. There's loads of small capillaries in the shaft that seem like they break very eary. I also have some sort of foreskin lesion that looks like a scratch. The doctor told me the glands in my groin are up, so I think I'm fighting something. They shouldn't still be up after 5 months.

Most other doctors tell me that there's nothing wrong and that I'm anxious. They are full of crap - I had to take pictures for photo evidence to prove how it looks at its worst.

Anyway. There's my update.
If you come across this post, I actually had and still have prostatitis. I have had it for nearly two years now and the doctors ignored me when I told them things weren't right. Don't let them ignore you! If you have these symptoms you may have prostatitis, an illness that needs treatment in order for you to get better. Message me if you need any help.
OMG I have had these symptoms for the last 6 years! everything, uriniating alot, pain... I have had a camera down my penis and the urolgy cannot find anything. what are they treating you with? many thanks
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