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multiple suspicous large moles on scalp
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multiple suspicous large moles on scalp

My hair dresser consistantly tells me about 6 or 7 large moles i have on my scalp and they look suspicous and i should get them checked out.  They are far back that i couldnt see them, until i had my husband take a picture for me which im posting. All of them look about the same, large, about the size of a dime, my husband says he sees a few colours in them, dark brown, red, with beige in the middle. i have noticed a large mole on the top of my head for years i just never thought to get it checked out. as well i had a mole on the upper, outside right arm that was itchy, i scratched it off, it scabbed over, it commonly comes back like a pimple, but is now like a clear mole. on my right upper outside arm is dry white patches that dont go away.
i am platinum blonde... naturally blonde but i get my hair bleached on a monthly basis for over 10 years  
porcelain light skin
russian/ finnish background
blue eyes
cancer does run in my family...
mothers side:
father had skin, bone and brain cancer-deceased
mother had lung cancer- deceased
brother has throat cancer
fathers side:
mother has breast cancer

i dont have a family doctor so if someone could take a look and let me know if i have any reason to be concerned
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Hi, I'm not a Dr., but have had many atypical moles removed and one early melanoma.

The color is most concerning .. the shades of color of the brown, red, beige, etc. and the size.  I'd have it looked @ for certain ..... they may be okay, but early detection is key and Melanoma is nothing to mess with.  Not to scare you, but the $ spent paying back your Dr to have at least one or two biopsied can save a life "if" it's melanoma or atypical .. some atypica can be mild and some severely dysplastic (atypical) and some can be completely benign but nobody really knows w/o biopsy.


Borders irregular
Evolving (chaning in appearance)

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Go to a dermatologist immediately and get those things removed.  My daughter is 19 and is 5 years into a viscous battle with melanoma from a mole on her head.  This is nothing to mess around with!!!  Blond hair, blue eyes, moles on head!!! GO NOW!!!
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it looks dangerous to me......

But even if it's not dangerous, if you think that the mole might be problematic then you should have it checked out. It's better to be safe than to die.

I had an uncle die from malignant melanoma because he never went to the dermatologist for his mole (eventhough everyone was telling him to go). But when he finally went to the doctor it was too late.
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um....if all of that cancer runs in your family, why would you not think to see a doctor????? and you really need someone else to tell you if you need a reason to be concerned???? you just named 6 different cancers that runs close in your family, and you have a big *** mole sitting in the top of your head that looks very serious.....and you really need a strangers advice??? i mean really??? what color did you say your hair color was?? normally i am never this mean to anyone, but i am sorry to even say this but your question and lack of concern for your own self is very disturbing and makes you seem very stupid...and another thing that is sad is that your own husband who i am sure he has seen those things never told you or showed concern.. my advice is to take your *** to the emergency
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