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Another Inquiry about Sleep Paralysis and Bed Shaking
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Another Inquiry about Sleep Paralysis and Bed Shaking

For the past couple of years, almost nightly, I awake with a start because the bed is moving in a way that I'm certain someone else has to be in the room.  Tonight, it was a series of light running pressures on the bed, so I jumped out of sleep, turning on the flashlight, certain someone was trying to get in the bed.  It's always the same -- no one is there, nothing can account for it.  I've had this happen in different places I've lived, so I can't attribute it to traffic vibrations.  

The fact that it stops when I sit up makes me think it must be some variation of sleep paralysis.  I've tried taking potassium, magnesium, being hydrated, to reduce any issues with blood regulation or leg cramps.  I recently had a sleep study done and was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea (11 episodes per hour, which I have, hopefully, addressed via recent sinus tirbonates reduction surgery) -- nothing was stated about body movement.  Once a boyfriend woke me, stating I had awakened him with ongoing movement that didn't stop.  He grabbed onto me tight, not knowing what else to do -- when I woke up, I didn't know I was doing anything.  

The bed moving is scaring me -- it happens fairly regularly, I live alone, so it wakes me with me being certain something or someone is in the room.  I think it has to be me -- it stops as soon as I sit up, and there have been occasions where I've awakened, lain completely still, holding my breath, and the moving bed sensation continues.  It only happens at night, only in the bed, to the point where I'm about to buy a Sleep Numbers bed at some expense so I'm on a solid bed foundation that I can't make move.  

Is there a special type of sleep disorder doctor or clinic I should be seeing?  I've had two sleep studies done in my life, trying to get a handle on the fatigue I've been feeling daily.  Either doctors are ignorant or it's the health care conveyor belt approach where they either don't want to incur the expense or don't think to ask about further diagnostics.  I would like to get this diagnosed.

I'm 45, obese, don't snore (per both sleep studies), sleep on my side/stomach.  I don't think it's RLS.  If anything, maybe pulsing from blood pressure changes or sugar level changes (my sugar level was diagnosed as starting to approach high in the past year).  It's very tiring getting frightened out of your sleep on a regular basis, weekly if not nightly.  Thanks for any help with this.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Your symptoms of moving in sleep could be due to a sleep disorder called Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD). They disrupt sleep and cause involuntary movements during sleep. The cause is not known. They can be diagnosed with a sleep study and medications help to control them. But the sleep studies done should have picked up this disorder. Other causes for involuntary movements can be neurological disorders.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
it definitely sounds like sleep paralysis i've had this for years....don't worry there is help and you will start to control it but you have to know what to, you do NOT need Doctors and no you do NOT need any meds...and no you are NOT crazy...there are many people who experience this just like you.

Please visit my youtube channgel: InsaniTeesintl or LeoniEwithanE - see my playlist either: 11:11awakening or Conspiracies its in one of those you will find vids called lucid dreams, and so much more on the dream state and how to control it.

email me there if you need any more help but listen when I tell you I WAS JUST LIKE YOU but now my sleep paralysis are becoming less & less and I'm constantly winning - you can do this...take control of your dreams...remember, we control the dream world and you will win!

Until next time

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