My Head Bangs During Sleep
by el3ment00, Feb 28, 2008
I am 25 years old. I have no recollection of these events, but according to my wife, I have been banging my head in my sleep. I bang it so hard against my pillow that I shake the whole bed and it wakes her up. It seems to start happening when I finally go into a deep sleep. Maybe REM sleep?I don't understand why I still do it. The banging occurs every few seconds, and I do it consecutively until my wife wakes me up.

I used to play alot of video games, and we thought it was a nervous disorder from playing to much late at night. Now i'm too busy with Work and School, and hardly play at all yet I'm still bang my head. This has been going on for several years and I fear it's the early stages of epilepsy or maybe just another weird sleeping habit? Any thoughts?

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by Nicki1433, Feb 28, 2008
My husband does the same thing.  I've spoken to our doctor about it and he just says it's just a sleeping habit.  My husbands happens when he's not sleeping well, I will wake up to him banging his head into his pillow.  His mom says he's done it since he was little.  Now, my two sons are headbangers too.
by Suri123, Feb 29, 2008
Hi, how are you doing, you could probably be having Rhythmic movements like banging head or sometimes limbs during sleep. These movements tend to occur during the stage just prior to falling asleep and typically increase along with stress levels. These are most common among very young children; rhythmic movement disorder is usually followed from a comforting habit, might be one similar to thumb-sucking. Children often outgrow the behavior, but if head banging presents a danger or the activity persists for long time as in your case, it is better to consult an Neurophysician soon to get an evaluation and also to rule out any other possibilities. Keep updating us of your doctor advise. Take care.
by el3ment00, Feb 29, 2008
Thanks for your input you guys.

Nicki - It's soothing to know that I'm not the only head banger! Maybe we secretly rock out in our sleep. :-)

Suri - thanks for you input as well. It does not pose a threat or danger, but it has been going on awhile. I will notify my doctor. Thanks!
by Suri123, Feb 29, 2008
Hi, thanks for your reply, well you need to inform your doctor when you are there for a consultation. I agree for your age this might not be a danger but might be so in childrens when they tend to happen banging on to wood or metal back rest or corners of bed. Anyway you can also ask your doctor for a sleep study as well. Please share your thoughts and update of any developments. Good luck and take care.
by maxxheadroom, Dec 05, 2012
I have the same issue, it seems to occur more often when stress levels are high or if I am sick or getting sick. I am completely asleep when it occurs my wife will usually wake me up. I have done this since I was an infant not sure of the cause. I am currently 31 years old.
by el3ment00, Dec 06, 2012
Great that this topic was revived. I am now 30, and my wife is still telling me that I bang my head.. I actually went to my primary care physician and we ordered sleep study.. He said once the sleep study is done, they'll send the results to him and we could review it together. It appears that it's hit or miss now adays.. I will take the sleep study in a couple months.. Will update on the results.
by RockerRon, Feb 12, 2013
Have you considered demonic oppression or posession?  Read the Bible, listen to KWAVE 107.9, seek Jesus and pray.
by maxxheadroom, May 15, 2013

I don't believe this is a religious issue, I am a born again Christian so this type of thing certainly is not outside of my realm of belief however this is something I have delt with since I was an infant. I too will be doing the sleep study thing soon. I did have one about 16 years ago and they found my brain never quits thinking basically, all night I never get into a good sleep pattern. I am hoping with advancement in technology since then there is something more than can do other that tell me I have an over active brain.
by huntersuttton, Jul 16, 2013
im 16 my parents say i have been a head banger my whole life my mom toook me to the docters when i was a premi and thay say it is caused by mass stress when i was 14 i did it so hard on the meadel railing of my bunck bead  i wold wake up in pain so i went back he gave me a deprshonn med it started with an l idk the name i stopt taking them cuz thay made me sick but thay say when ur undder stress and u go to sleep ur brain is still prossesing stuff i plan on going back to the dockters soon i will keep informed