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Nicotine Withdrawal and Insomnia
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Nicotine Withdrawal and Insomnia

Hi, I am 42 y/o male and a smoker (20 cig / day) for 25 year. I quitted smoking (cold turkey) last Dec2010, I am now on my 53days without smoking. Today I am clear from Nicotine withdrawal physical symptoms like Shaking, sweating or feeling very cold, flu like symp, nausea, heart palpation, chest / heart fluttering… however I am still suffering from 3 main symptoms Insomnia, Anxiety and strong Craving to Smoke. These 3 symptoms (in specific insomnia) keep go and come without me knowing why, when they keep go and come. Recently I have trouble in sleeping and sometime panic or anxiety attack.

My Questions:

1- Are these symptoms (Insomnia, Anxiety, trouble in sleeping and panic attack) are related to nicotine withdrawal.
2- If yes, how long these symptoms will last for?
3- What can I do to control these symptoms?
4- “feeling that you are sick, or feeling that you have a serious illness, or being concerned about your health without a reason (Obsessive-Compulsive) are these things related to nicotine withdrawal

Thx in advance looking forward to hear from you dears        
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I cannot answer all of your questions as a doctor would, more like comparing my own experiences but what I do know is that physical withdrawal from nicotine and the additives in tobacco, should only last 3 days.
I have heard that many suffer from insomnia and I don't think it has anything to do with the physical w/d, more the emotional aspect and I would also say that panic attacks too. I suffered with those before my quit and I was more anxious after I quit, but I had something to help me with my nerves. My advice is to you is to see a doctor and ask for an anti-anxiety med, short term.
For me, the anxiety levels were slightly increased but I think that because I prepared myself for it and knew what to expect, there really weren't many surprises. Read some of the articles on to try and understand more about your addiction and why you are feeling the way you feel.
I found that physical activity helped me, walking, exercising, deep breaths, anything you can do to take your mind off of your quit. You have to come to terms with taking back control over your life and helped me a lot. It is free so take advantage of it!
As for feeling sick, well I was for a long while. I had bronchitis, sinus infections, pleurisy, my nose, face, scalp itched a lot! I don't know if it was because it was winter or perhaps my resistance was low from fighting my addiction, whatever it was, it isn't uncommon. Hang in there and it should pass soon.
Any advice I give is that you have to understand your addiction, stop giving it power over you and take back control.
Congratulations on your quit!
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