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Quitting tobacco?
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Quitting tobacco?

Ok so I have a chronic problem of chewing tobacco. I chew a pack of tobacco every 15 to 30 mins. If I dont for even an hour, I start experiencing withdrawals. I have on my own tried stopping this really bad habit but all attempts have gone in vain. I have been chewing tobacco from the past 5 years. I also had a drug abuse problem and I was very successful at stopping that. Tobacco should be easier but for some reason, it seems more difficult!

Any advice I can get here?
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Quiting smoking for me is the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life.  It has taken countless tries and many relapses for me to quit.  Today I am on day 23 and I really believe I am finally done for good now.  The longest I ever made it before was about 3 days without cheating.  I take Chantix now and I have tried everything in the past.  I know chewing is different but I have a friend that chews that is also taking chantix and it is helping a lot.  I don't know their exact quit status but last I heard it was going well.  When I quit this time I didn't feel very sick but other times I have felt like death for 3 days or more.  You chew a lot.  I think you should talk to a doctor if you can.  Maybe you could try chantix.  For me withdrawl (withdrawal) is something I needed to go through to remember why I never wanted to have to go through it again.  I would always pick a time where I could just lay on the couch for a couple days.  It will be the hardest thing you ever do. I used suckers and posicles instead of cigs.  Everyone has their own thing that helps.

The question is how bad do you want to quit?  If you want to bad enough you will suceed.  Don't be too hard on yourself though like I said for me and for most of us it's takes a lot of tries to quit for good.  You should talk to your Dr. if possible, decide how you are going to quit, pick a time and just do it.  You are going to feel bad so expect to it's all part of the deal.  Good luck!!
empathy323 gave you some sound advice.
I did a quit google search and found the following:

"What can I use to replace smokeless tobacco?
Talk to your doctor about whether nicotine gum or another nicotine replacement product is right for you. Generally, people who use 3 or more tins or pouches a week, people who use smokeless tobacco within 30 minutes after they wake up, and people who usually swallow tobacco juice when they chew or dip benefit most from nicotine replacement.

Find an oral substitute for smokeless tobacco that you enjoy. This may be sugarless gum, hard candy, beef jerky or sunflower seeds. Don't substitute cigarette smoking for smokeless tobacco. Stop using all tobacco products.

Find activities to do when you want to chew or dip. Many people chew or dip when they are bored. Instead, take a walk or a quick jog, lift weights, take a hot shower to relax, or do any activity you enjoy that will keep your mind off smokeless tobacco".

I thing that exercise and an alternative oral replacement are key to a quit.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Kathy Jo
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