cant eat in the morning without feeling sick after
by Headah, Oct 12, 2009
Hello all, my name is heather and i am 15 years old.
I dont know why but I just can not eat in the morning! I can't even drink water without feeling sick it happens everytime!
and i really would like to be able to eat in the morning because i dont get to eat anything until i get home from school. I usually dont eat breakfast but when i do i feel sick and i get cramps and it makes me feel miserable but then goes away after a few hours. I never feel sick when i eat in the afternoon and its just so weird.
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by Kaleidoscopic, Oct 13, 2009

Most likely you're having trouble with it because your body isn't used to eating so early. I also react the same way when I try to eat or drink anything in the morning, so I know what you're feeling.

If you want to start eating breakfast now, the best way is to start out with light foods, such as fruit or vegetables, or a nice light cereal. Try to stay away from heavier things, especially milk-based products, even though cereal is pretty alright to start out with. Basically, eat things that are easy on your stomach, that should ease you into the breakfast-eating-mode.

If you're still nauseous after eating, wait it out- it's hard, but it shouldn't be as bad as when you eat heavier things, like pancakes.

Hope it helped, and I hope you feel better.

~ Kaleidoscopic.
by Fattyxxx, Mar 16, 2012
Hi i have the same problem everytime i eat something i feel so sick and get severe cramps im not pregnant so hope anyone can give me answers
by abcd_efg1, Mar 17, 2012
I hae the exact same problem; even off I'm hungry i wont eat because it makes me feel sick and nauseated.
by friscioni12, Mar 19, 2012
yeah i have this problem too. i cannot eat from when i get up to about 11:00 AM. It is a really sucky feeling and i hate it. I've tried everything possible to get away from feeling sick but no matter what i do it does not work. The only thing that works is not eating in the morning. This has been happening for about 2 years now but i really havent done anthing about because it was never really a big problem.