clear stretchy discharge!!!!!!
by LeiNick26, Aug 04, 2008
ok. I haven't missed my period yet. and i know that when u ovulate you have a discharge like this but i have never noticed it this thick before. Could this be an early pregnancy sign? and how far along is pregnancy do u see the discharge if it isnt a early sign? iv also been having slight cramping and back pain. Please HELP!!! thanks!!!
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by LeiNick26, Aug 05, 2008
suggestions please?
by leighanne143, Aug 05, 2008
no, that is a sign of ovualtion.  look up ovulation cerivical mucous and you will see that is what you are describing.
by LeiNick26, Aug 11, 2008
wow then that means i ovulate exactly 2 days before i start my period ..could this make it hard to get prego?
by kjbutcher, Aug 12, 2008
Yes that would make it hard to get pregnant.  You have to ovulate at least 10 days before your period to be able to sustain a pregnancy.  Some people get mucus as an early sign, some dont.  Discharge is also there as a cleanser.  You could have a minor infection (anywhere in your body) or just need a bit of cleansing.  If it is a sign of pregnancy, you should be able to get a positive at this point.  I would take a test and see what happens or just wait it out.  Most early signs of pregnancy are also signs of your period coming.  It is a hard one to analyze with out a test.
by dually886, Aug 13, 2009
I have clear strechy discharge.... is this a sign I am pregnant? I did have unprotected sex...
by smalltownchickie, Jan 29, 2010
i am sixteen and i have been diagnosed with PCOS and i have been going steady with my boyfriend for 3 years now. we never ever used protection, althought weve both been checked and were both clean but anyways i am always getting clear stretchy discharge. it is usually AFTER my period. i usually get a whitish discharge BEFORE my period... so i could just be completely normal. no reason to panic yet. :)  ... however if you do miss your period then i would advise you to go and get checked. now i am sortive in the same situation, i have clear and stretchy discharge BUT i HAVE missed my periods for 5 days now. i am on meds to make my cycle regular and they have been for some time now but all of a sudden im late. BUT i am not worrying because when you have PCOS you tend to not worry so much over this kind of things. but as i was saying it could possibly be just 110% normal. especially if your still a teen also. so my advice is DONT panic just yet! :)
by SuperMom28, Sep 05, 2011
Start using protection!.... are you trying to be a teen mom!.... I got pregnant with a one night stand and I have the same medical condition as you.... so being so stupid....the only difference is that I was 20 not sixteen...