Atypical face pain
by Nat75, May 28, 2010
HI everyone
I had severe face pain for 8 months after seeing a number of specialists I have just been diagnosed with Atypical face pain, been put on Tegretol and having another MRI next week. Anyone got any advice for me please, I just cant cope with the pain. Many thnx
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by PANCAKE75, May 29, 2010
Hi, my name is Angela and I'm 35. I used to suffer with facial nerve pain too. I'm so sorry to hear about your  pain. if you pain is burning, stabbing, or shooting, then yes, it is most likely TN. Ask to put on Tripetal.
It might help. in the mean time, you need you to ask your dr. for
narctoic painkillers, to help you get thourgh this. I know, i took
oxy for over 4 months, just to manage my daily life. Be warned,
A LOT OF DENTISTS will want to pull teeth out!! don't let them.
the pain is in your skull, not your teeth. Mine started in my teeth, then
moved to my face!! i will be praying for you! Please go see a brain doctor, they will help you.


there is hope, it just takes time to find the right meds. :))

by painterchicBlank, May 29, 2010
I agree with Pancake's many good tips. This TN is tricky, can fool you into thinking it's your teeth easily. Of course it's always good to rule out any dental issues with a good exam too. Take something to manage pain when you need it, if you can tolerate it and try other methods to comfort you, like a hotpack, or for some people, cool. Lying down with my head supported and quiet can sometimes help "settle" it for me, almost like how you get a break while sleeping. Maybe something to do with your brain shutting down a bit? I'm not sure. Avoid stress if you can. Try different drugs if the tegretol isn't working for the TN, everyone is different. My neurologist said mine is Atypical because it is often deep and constant and is not set off with a light touch to the face like classic TN. Hope that helps. Diagram of the trigeminal nerve is in my photos if that helps.
Also go to which deals with facial pain of all sorts and has lots of information for you in addition to what you find here.
Hope you feel better soon.