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Back / Flank Pain, moving front - what could it be?
Hi.  My back / flank pain has moved from back to front today - what could it be?

The day after the gym last week I woke up a bit pale and started feeling pain in my mid-lower back, left side only. Thought I must have pulled muscle, so have taken it very easy this week...plus put anti-inflammatory cream on it etc.

However very strangely over the week the pain moved from just back/flank - to my back & side - and now i've woken up and it's really quite hurting from the front. So am thinking it's not muscle...but what?? Could it be serious? It is quite painful, constant.  Now shooting on my left side from front to back. Left side only, under bottom rib cage.

Definitely not period pain...higher and more specific than that.  It doesn't hurt to breathe, slighty pains to the touch and hurts when I move (which is why i originally thought pulled muscle)..

If it continues I'll pay to go to the Doc....but in meantime what do you think it could be?


p.s. unrelated to this pain, but fyi notes of my health : quite healthy, i do have unknown fertility issues and pains in right ovary.  Suffer NCS.
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