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Confusion and Q's - Diabetes, ITP, etc
So I never got any response from my last post since then a few new things and questions have arisen.

Does anyone know of anything that can tie together low globulin and low platelets (not severely low platelets but still around the 100 so 40 under)? I have searched on google but there seem to be no responses and if anything it appears that the two together just dont quite make sense.

I am waiting the results of my a1c for final diagnosis of diabetes but am confused as the research I have done shows that the low globulin and platelets combined with my bleeding now for a month may not make the readings accurate.

So, does anyone else know about these issues? I am getting more confused not less as time progresses. The ganglion cyst that appeared last month on my wrist isnt hurting since my friend smashed it with a book, but it is still there. I now have two swollen lymph nodes on neck (rt back behind occipital bone midway between ear and spine area.

Any thoughts or suggestions be it of personal experience, questions to consider/ask, places to do more research, or such is greatly appreciated.
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